Add subscribers. Send newsletters.

A simple front-end for Amazon SES. Free for 25,000 email subscribers.
We have a limited-time lifetime discount for our Beta users.

We're just getting started...

Here's what's live

Broadcast Newsletters

Create, schedule and track newsletter campaigns.

Send with Amazon SES

Achieve high-deliverability while spending less.

Contact Manager

Add and remove contacts manually or via a CSV file.

Organize your Templates

Easily organize your emails as templates in one place.

Tag & Segment Subscribers

Organize your subscribers with tags and segments.

Set up Email Sequences

Easily organize your emails as templates in one place.

Connect to the best apps

Send contact information from your forms via Zapier.

Drag and Drop Builder

Create great looking HTML emails without coding.

Analyze Campaigns

Measure the performance of your campaigns any time.

In short...

1. MuxEmail is a free tool that lets you make and send email newsletters  via Amazon SES.

2. As a (one-time) first step, you will have to connect your Amazon SES account with MuxEmail.

3. You're ready! Now you can start creating great-looking email campaigns and engage your subscribers.

What?! Another email marketing tool?

Honestly, we were on something else. We had a large audience and wanted to send newsletters a couple of times a month. Simple need. After jumping from one email marketing service to another, we decided to build something on our own. Most competitors are trying to be that one-stop email marketing solution for every kind of business. We're building something that will not break the bank as you grow. Read 'how' below.

Is this for me?

Demo of the Free Email Campaign Page
"The Money is in the List”, said a wise marketer.

A large subscriber list usually translates to a larger number of (potential) customers. Therefore, you must be making enough money to be able to afford an expensive tool. This is a perfectly logical assumption but we also noticed that not all websites are transactional businesses, and are making $$$$. The value of 1 subscriber can also be different in different markets. We think that there's a good problem to be solved here.

Coming soon...

Tag Based Contact Manager

Tagging will give you advanced personalization options.

Advanced Segmentation

Segment your audience based on their behavior and tags.

Effortless Automations

Personalize experiences based on subscribers' interactions.

Form Management

Build great looking optin forms with triggers, display rules and tracking.

Spam and Abuse Protection

We're writing algos that will make high-deliverability a reality.

Plugins and Integrations

Distribute data with your favorite tool without calling a developer.

More Delivery Services

Add more email delivery partners like SendGrid and Mailjet.

Try it early, get it free for life.


1. How good is the software?

MuxEmail can now help you add email subscribers and, create and schedule one-off broadcast campaigns. Hit us on the live-chat if you're facing any issue.

2. Do I have to pay anything? 

The product is free to use(upto 25K subscribers) while we develop more capability. You'll still be spending 90% less after we're out of Beta.

3. But, what about Amazon SES?

Amazon SES charges you just $1 for every 10,000 emails you send. But the first 50,000 emails you send every month is free.

4. Is there subscriber limit?

You can add up to 100,000 subscribers in your Contacts Manager right now. If you'd like to add more contacts,  write to

4. Why should you join the Beta?

Your actions and feedback will help us build something that creators like you will love. You'll also get in on our lifetime-free access program.

6. Can I get the free-for-life access?

Only beta users who take actions will be considered for the lifetime-free access program - where users will get access to premium features at no cost.
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