Why we built MuxEmail

Bringing purchase parity pricing to email

"For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42." (source)

That's a higher return than most forms of marketing — digital or otherwise.

Every digital company today uses one or more marketing automation products. It could be for sending personalized WhatsApp or SMS text to onboard customers or to send emails to get people to know you. It works wonders when done right and sometimes, it isn't effective enough. Either way, it's an expense that cuts into your monthly business budget.

If you are privileged enough to serve developed markets the expense on these tools is a paltry percentage of the customer value. And there's almost a polar difference in the average customer value between developed markets and developing markets. If your customers are from countries like India, Indonesia or Nigeria, the platform expenses eats into a large portion of your business expense. This stops businesses from being creative, from being performance driven, and makes you focus more on cost optimization. We have had first hand experience with this problem having worked for 8+ years as marketers for both US and India-based companies.

The industry term for this is 'purchase power parity' and the issue is addressed in many ways for most SaaS products. Depending on where you live, you pay differently for accounting tools, for ads, for work tools, and even for Netflix. MuxEmail is attempting to solve this mess in the marketing world by adopting technology optimizations so products are both accessible to everyone and are as powerful as the current service providers.
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Full-Stack Developer
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We've come a long way since our beta launch 16 months ago.

A complete UI overhaul (Mar 2021)
Launched custom fields better personalization (Feb 2021)
We're now EU GDPR compliant (Feb 2021)
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