Everything you need to make your Black Friday Email Marketing a Success! + 15 Email Examples

Black Friday is the key opportunity for your eCommerce business to open new doors. It is one of the biggest shopping holidays. REad this article to find out how to prepare for Black Friday and strategize your Email Marketing for a successful email marketing campaign.

Black Friday is the key opportunity for your eCommerce business to open new doors. Are you ready for the biggest shopping holiday?

Before heading forwards, it is best to start with an introduction. The term Black Friday denotes the day following Thanksgiving. It is observed as a shopping holiday season worldwide. Thanksgiving and the consecutive day, Black Friday are the busiest shopping days of the year.

For many years the Black Friday holiday season has been the busiest shopping day in traditional physical stores until 2005. 

And do you know why the retail stores are observing a lesser number of retail customers every year on the day that was once the busiest shopping day? 

Certainly, people change, trends change and so do consumer behaviours. People today have switched off their shopping modes to online sales with the evolution of eCommerce.

While the figures of retail customers are declining, the number of online sales is turning bigger every year. And with the unprecedented hit of the global pandemic, COVID-19, many businesses were pushed online. This gave eCommerce many new visitors. And they have warmly accepted this change and adapted to the same.

Though retail sales dropped down, Black Friday online sales surged and have touched high peaks. Black Friday 2019 observed 93.2 million online buyers making purchases worth $7.4 billion. (Source: Adobe, NRF)

Your business too can have a huge share this year. Stay tuned for the know-how.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Strategies to outstand the crowd
  3. What should a Black Friday Newsletter
  4. 15 Best Black Friday Email Designs to Take Inspiration From
  5. Conclusion

Strategies to outstand the crowd

E-mail marketing campaigns have spanned the digital marketing arena for many years. With most businesses turning to online models, these campaigns need to be stronger than ever. And when we are speaking of Black Friday, all businesses want the best sales. And why not? After all, the mode of shopping has changed, but not the mood. 

Here is our guide to help you plan the upcoming Black Friday email strategy. There are always a few tips and tricks that can help in converting leads into sales. And you have only a couple of seconds in which the reader will decide to go click on your Black Friday Email and then another few seconds will decide if the user is going to stay tuned or opt-out of it.

Have you planned your upcoming Black Friday Newsletter strategy? 

Let’s see if it can be improved and turned into an effective and efficient Black Friday Email Campaign. Every single word on your newsletter can be a key to unlock potential sales. Users receive multiple Black Friday Emails and newsletters and you may need something that can help you outthink the competition. 

This post intends to guide you about

  • What should a Black Friday Newsletter Contain?
  • 15 Best Black Friday Email Examples to take inspiration from.
  • Tips to consider while writing Black Friday Email.

A not-to-be-missed opportunity

The day that most people are looking forward to shopping is certainly an opportunity you may want to grab. This is not just meant for one-time sales or single-day sales. But the motive is bigger and the right Black Friday email marketing campaign can make your day even brighter.

It’s the best time to reach the target audience. But can you do so without knowing the What and How?

It’s the best time for a customer loyalty program. New customers are always a welcome addition, but customer retention comes only with happy customers. Are you aware of your brand’s loyal people? Respect your brand and the people who share this respect for your brand, your loyal customers. 

It’s a shopping season, not just a single-day event

Shopping starts before Thanksgiving and stays at a high until Christmas. So, your Black Friday Email can get you the leverage during the year’s busiest shopping season.

Businesses with big-sized marketing budgets spend on different kinds of marketing and have different modes of reaching out. On the other hand, people with small-sized budgets or newcomers may want some affordable marketing strategies. And Black Friday Email can be the most pocket-friendly opportunity to ‘strike when the iron is hot.’

An efficient Black Friday newsletter can give your reader a reason to spend on your brand when he already has a purchase intent. With lesser in-store purchases, there are more online purchases and more chances to make profits through online sales.

Do not Delay, Start Today!

Setting the Black Friday Email Goals

Every business is different and so are its goals. Setting up targets and goals is very important whenever planning something. Execution of a well-drafted and realistic plan can make the most remarkable mark. Here are some goals that may help you.

  • Customer loyalty program: Personalized Purchase Journeys
  • Expansion of digital footprint: Reaching more targeted customers
  • Exploring the new social: Engaging on new platforms
  • The help desk: Live chat
  • Expansion of customer data: Information is Important
  • Custom landing pages: Promoting Call to Action
  • The ease: Making customer purchase-journey hassle-free

Or have something else as a goal?

Setting up the Black Friday Email should be on the top of your priority list since all the planning ahead will revolve around achieving this goal.

Do not procrastinate

When the competition is extremely fierce, it’s time to do it now or never. You need to start your Black Friday marketing plans today. This can keep you ahead of the ones who are waiting for tomorrow.

Grow your email list

“The Bigger, The Better.” But you need the Best.

Since we are speaking of Black Friday Emails, then you need a bigger Email list. Reaching out to more is the thing that turned the local businesses to get global. Expanding your access and reaching out to more will keep you ahead of the ones with shorter lists.

Since email addresses are just the leads, no real contacts, quality matters just like the quantity. There is no use of a very long email list but with a smaller number of right email addresses.

Some methods to grow your email list are:

  • Social media Ads: Social media has become the biggest engaging platform. And it has been extensively used as an affordable advertising solution. When you have a solution that someone may be looking for, get it into an attractive Ad that sends the viewer to a custom landing page where they can leave their contact details, at least Email addresses. Only genuine people will tend to fill the form and subscribe. With a small solution, a free download, and something similar, you can be lucky to get multiple audiences.
  • Lead Magnets: You can use a lead magnet where you offer the reader something he/she is interested in and in return you get the Email address. Some things you can use as lead magnets are the articles, templates, checklists, reports, courses, must-reads, Ebooks, Spreadsheets, gifs, etc.
  • Sign-up CTAs: Always have a sign-up CTA with your advertisements. It is here you can get the interested people to join. And people who sign up for nothing in return are genuinely interested in your product(s).
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Rather than paid Ads, make your way towards the organic search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Buyers are inclined towards organic results. For this, you need an effective SEO done for your website.

And there are many other methods to grow your Black Friday email list.

Update your email list

You need to have your readers convinced before Black Friday, maybe like the first week of November that they want to hear from you and are awaiting your Black Friday Newsletter. Initiate this through sign-up CTAs (Call to Action) with your teaser Emails.

The Party Preparation:

When you are inviting visitors to your website, you as a host need to be well-prepared just like while hosting a party, you make sure everything is at its best before the guests start showing up.

Here, your website is the host. Get attractive and effective banners, visuals, videos, and other forms of teasers designed and displayed. The more captivating they will be, the more inclined will the user be towards your Black Friday deals and offers.

Besides these, cross-check your page load speed, ease of navigation, and payment gateways. Customers need instant action or they move on. “For every 100 milliseconds improvement in search page loading time, eBay saw a 0.5% increase in the "Add to Cart" count.”  

Abandoned cart automation reminders:

During the shopping season, people often add things to their carts but do not proceed to check out. Sending automated and personalized emails can convert a significant percentage of people to proceed to checkout with a final sale.

When the behind-the-scenes work is ready, it’s time for invitations. It’s time to write the Black Friday Newsletter.

What Should a Black Friday Newsletter Contain?

The best things to follow while writing effective Black Friday marketing Emails are:

Captivating subject line:

Email open rate depends largely on the email subject line and it is the major and the quickest thing that will decide whether the reader will want to open it or not. Here is what your Black Friday Email Subject should have:

  • Personal touch: Though it’s a part of marketing automation, it can be combined well with the data and other tools to add the recipient’s name, location, birthday, or something similar that can prompt the reader to open the email.
  • Descriptive: You can give your company name and slight information regarding what the newsletter is about. Always respect your brand. You can attract and expect respect for your brand from your customers only if you maintain its integrity. Seasonal slogans like ‘Black Friday Deals’ are not a hit. It may be better to communicate the benefits of your promotion and can lead to a call to action. For instance, let people know the deal offered is seasonal and won’t last till late.
  • Short: Keep the subject line as short as possible. You can test them through various marketing online tools. The recommended length of a subject line for a Black Friday Email is less than 60 characters (nearly 9 words). Avoid using punctuation and emojis.
  • Friendly: Use a subject line that gives a friendly tone and sounds less of marketing automation.
  • The figure: Figures often prompt readers to make the purchase when they know they are not going to get better and they may not want to miss this very opportunity.
  • Keep the curiosity: With less than 60 characters, it is best to use a teaser that can engage the user to open the email. Remember, the subject line intends to improve the open rate. Let the reader get more from the Email content.
  • Humour: Emotions play the biggest role in shopping. If you can hit that part of the customer that can keep him/her humming along, you have a lead.

The tact: Don’t use everything in the subject line. A maximum of two tips can increase the open rate. If you include the personal detail, humor, company detail, offers, everything in the subject line, it will be treated no less than a ‘SPAM’.

Check out this article to learn more about creating attention grabbing subject lines thats guaranteed to give you success.

15 Best Black Friday Email Design Examples to take inspiration from:

Now, the reader has opened your newsletter. The job of the subject line is done. It’s time for the action and call to action.

This is the most important part of Black Friday Email Marketing. 

Here are 15 Email Examples for you to observe before you make yours

Google Store (Exclusive Deal, limited, short-lasting)

Black Friday Email Design by Google

  • Subject line: “The Black Friday countdown has begun” is short, captivating, and descriptive.
  • Introduction of the Limited edition: Customers want to buy it from you when they know this limited edition is available exclusively at your store. And this Ad says it all.
  • Availability: The email marks the dates of availability for all items.
  • Regular prices vs sale prices: Users tend to buy when they know what they are saving and when they fear missing the deal (either due to limited stock or due to the ‘deal ends tonight’.
  • Additional benefits: The ad mentions additional benefits of purchasing from Google stores apart from the best deals. Google is smart and they know how to put the best use of Black Friday Email Best Practices.

A Kids Book About (Descriptive both in words and in visuals)

Black Friday Email Design
  • The Special Deals: The email highlights the Free book the buyers will get for every two books purchased.
  • The product: The product and the deal are mentioned both in words as well as through the custom image.
  • The ease: No promo code is required and the deal will be automatically applied on checkout.
  • The power of books: The mail exemplifies clearly that its catalog is challenging, empowering, and important and your kid just needs to read these books.
  • Use of apt images: Rather than mentioning the names of the books, they have described the kind of books like empathy, gratitude, change…Something that parents want to teach their children and the schools wants to add to their libraries. Hence the deals are not to be missed.
  • Design: Going away from the traditional black is a good thing.

PDL Cosmetics (The exciting offer begins):

Black Friday Email Design by PDL Cosmetics

(Source: https://reallygoodemails.com/emails/30-off-your-entire-purchase-begins)

  • Subject line: “30% off your entire purchase BEGINS!” is short, relevant, descriptive, and exciting. 
  • The deal: The deal of 30% off and free shipping on Black Friday has been highlighted.
  • Give the solution: The problem has been highlighted. When it is seen as a touchpoint of the reader, the customer tends to purchase the solution product.
  • The design: Getting something other than black that resonates with the product range you offer is a good design to attract.

P & Co (Highlight the deal/offer):

Black Friday Email Design by P & Co

  • The deal: Up to 30% off has been highlighted as the Black Friday deal.
  • The collection: The best part this Black Friday email does is that it generates curiosity to browse the collection. It has mentioned the categories but not showcased the products. This prompts the reader to browse the collection.

Hims: (The Day, The Deal, The Gift...That’s it)

Black Friday Email Design by hims

  • Expert use of FOMO: “You don’t want to regret missing out on 30% off and we don’t want to say, “We told you so.”
  • Concise: A short mail and only focused on Black Friday deals do its job well.
  • Gift wrapping available prompts it to be purchased not for oneself but to be bought as a gifting solution for others. This is an example of how to increase the purchase intent even when the reader is not looking for something for oneself. 

Wildlist (Step ahead of black):

Black Friday Email Design by Wildlist

  • Subject line: The 48-hour sale starts now. It is short and makes apt use of FOMO.
  • FOMO: In the email also, it’s mentioned that it’s going to last only for 2 days.
  • The deal: It showcases the biggest sale of the season.
  • Testimonials: They act as the reviews from buyers and help the customer decide positively towards purchasing the deal.
  • The bottom line: “Here today, gone tomorrow” again makes use of FOMO and as a reminder just before closing the email.
  • Getting ahead of the black: The use of a color other than black and red makes just the complete sense.


Black Friday Email Design by Circles

  • The deal is mentioned and FOMO has been used by stating that the sale lasts only this weekend.
  • Spread the word: Sharing buttons for Twitter and Facebook have been included. The regular readers and subscribers would like to share the same within their social circles. This can boost sales.

Email Tees (Wise use of black):

Black Friday Email Design by Email Tees

  • The use of FOMO is extremely good starting from the subject line till the end of the email.
  • The first design was decoded. And there are more. This generates curiosity.
  • The use of graphics: The color combination has been beautifully used and one wants to explore more from this iconic design of a Black Friday Email. This is an example where black has been used interestingly with a second color in perfect ratio.
  • Hidden discount code: The user tends to read the entire mail to find the code. Though hiding details is not recommended, it has been interestingly used in this email. 

Herschel Supply Co. (Minimum says Maximum)

Black Friday Email Design by Herschel Supply Co.

  • FOMO: They mentioned that this is the ONLY sale and hence it cannot be missed.
  • Curiosity-driven: The email prompts the user to go ahead and read more.
  • The limited collection is displayed and hence keeps the focus. 


Black Friday Email Design by Modernica

  • Subject line: “Ends tonight! Shop Black Friday Deals.” This gets the user indulged in browsing before the sale ends.
  • Use of differences between the prices if bought during the sale period and the regular prices again drive the user to purchase before the end of the deal.
  • Clearance items: This section is something one wants to buy before the sale ends. And including it in the email amplifies the incoming traffic.

Golden State Warriors (Use of emotional psychology):

Black Friday Email Design by Golden State Warriors

  • The use of emotional psychology for NBA fans to shop during the best sale season is very apt.
  • The use of images and graphics is good and the deals are also righteously highlighted.


Black Friday Email Design by Adobe

  • Precise subject line: “Black Friday deal ends tonight.” It is short, relevant, significant and makes use of FOMO.
  • Mentioning the last chance and the deals lasting just for hours and not for the days is beautiful and meaningful.
  • The deal and the programs are mentioned.

Tinker Watches: (A perfect Teaser):

Black Friday Email Design by Tinker

  • “Let the Countdown begin” is apparent to the theme, occasion and addresses FOMO.
  • The email is curiosity-generating for the very limited edition. Users will tend to watch the same since the mail comes out as a good teaser.
  • Concise and relevant email.

Hush Puppies:

Black Friday Email Design by Hush Puppies

  • The deals are very clear. The items are precisely and uniquely highlighted with an essence of humor.


Black Friday Email Design by Bose

  • There is an element of curiosity, a pinch of teaser, and excitement for better offers. With some early offers, the email clearly defines that there is more for Black Friday.
  • Concise and relevant.
  • The main focus revolves around the Black Friday offer. This is good but could have been better with a countdown clock.


Black Friday Email Design by Kidly

  • Captivating and appealing
  • FOMO has been used since it’s highlighted that the deals are not coming back.
  • The use of motion pictures (gifs) is appreciable.
  • The email is a good teaser.
  • The subject line is short and relevant.
  • The use of black and white is very admirable and cute. (Cuteness symbolizes a kid’s collection).

Message to take home

Planning for the biggest sale of the year and grabbing the large piece of the cake needs you to unbox your planners, designers, content creators today itself and start early. If you want your Black Friday Email campaign to hit the bull’s eye, then you need to consider the lessons learned with different examples.

Some top tips and tricks to be taken as points to remember are:

  • Have an attractive subject line. It will be the first deciding factor for the Black Friday Email open rate.
  • Keep your brand identity. It is your reputation. You need to make pretty petty decisions when it comes to branding.
  • Ease of access and navigation across the different tables of the Email and call to action should be clearly defined.
  • More than 50% of the website traffic comes through mobile devices. Your Email must be optimized for users who are viewing the Email on a mobile device and for the ones viewing it as a desktop version.
  • An excellent and unique design that meets all the requirements is a must. It’s a Black Friday Newsletter does not mean that it has to be in black only. If black is not used interestingly, just avoid it.
  • Don’t overuse anything not ever CTAs since multiple CTAs may become clumsy for mobile viewers.
  • Get the Email designed as a special one only for Black Friday. Do not be a miser and go for quick-fix easy-to-get copy-paste templates.
  • If you are using a gif, use a larger, simple version with a speck of clever animation.
  • You can cleverly use a playful theme since it draws the reader’s interest, attracts and engages to explore more, and using it excitingly can just be the JACKPOT.
  • Try to solve the problem of the customer with the relevant solution.
  • Be careful while using cute emails since cuteness gets synonymous most likely with products meant for kids. You have to make a balance between cute, smart, and interesting depending on what you are selling.
  • Always have an active Help Desk for your readers.
  • Remember, Black Friday Email need not be a single mail or too many emails. Just a couple of mails as teasers but the sequence should be relevant. In the first mail, you can use a teaser, in the next a little revelation with the final egg to be hatched on Black Friday.

To put it simply, your Black Friday Email must meet the customer requirements in a user-friendly manner. Too much or too little, both are not welcome.

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