How to use Christmas Newsletter to boost your sales in 2021

Christmas is one of the biggest events for an eCommerce business. With online shopping increasing every year, employing email marketing as a strategy is one of the best ways to get ahead of the competition. Read this article to find out how to use Christmas Newsletter to boost your eCommerce Sales.

Today the eCommerce business is growing at a high rate. By using the Christmas Newsletter, anybody can make a profit this Christmas and be able to market their brand. People love to buy things online. As Christmas is coming, so is the opportunity to start your own eCommerce business through the Christmas Newsletter. In this article, I will guide you about how you can use the Christmas Newsletter to sell your things and make a profit. You will get inspired by the following points:

  • Introduction to Christmas Season
  • How to optimize a Christmas Newsletter
  • Examples of Christmas Newsletter to boost business

So come down to learn and earn.

  1. Introduction to Christmas Season
  2. Why should you send a Christmas Newsletter?
  3. How to optimize your Christmas Newsletter
    - Subject Line Examples
    - Design and Visuals
    - Email Content
  4. 15 Christmas Newsletter Examples
  5. Conclusion

Introduction to Christmas

Christmas is a Christian festival celebrated on 25th  December of every year. Christians celebrate this event in memory of  Jesus’s birthday.  Since the early 20th century, It was a tradition that was celebrated by both Christian and Non-Christian. The main objective of that tradition was to exchange gifts with each other and Santa Claus plays a pivotal role in it. Christmas is not just an event for Christians, but it is something that spreads happiness everywhere.

Origin of Christmas

Everything that exists in this universe has some origin. Christmas also has an origin. In the first two centuries of Christianity, there was a strong opposition towards the celebration of the birthday of martyrs, in simple words the celebration for Jesus's birthday. But later on, Church Fathers provided sarcastic comments on this issue and got agreed on the celebration of the birthday of Jesus. The purpose is that the Martyrs should be awarded the honor on the day of their martyrs.

Why Is Christmas Celebrated on 25 December?

It is not certain that Jesus was born on the 25 of December. This is a doubtful figure because we don't get any information related to  Jesus’s birthday even in the New Testament. The date of Jesus' birthday was first proposed by Sextus Julius Africanus in 221, and later it was accepted universally. It is also believed that it is a date of birth of the unconquered sun that relates to the birth of a son. It is also believed that it is the date of birth of Earth. From all these clues, Christians believed 25 December as the date of birth of Jesus.

Things to do On Christmas

Christmas is an event for joy and celebrations. At Christmas, we should take care of other people's happiness as well. Following are the things that you can do this Christmas to make your time wonderful.

  1. You can decorate a small Christmas tree with lighting and glitters.
  2. Christmas is the time to spend with your family and friends, so don’t forget to watch a movie together. You can add Raya and the last Dragon to your list.
  3. You can spend time baking cookies or making Christmas cakes.
  4. Having outings on Christmas can be the best experience because of the decorations that are found on streets and lightning on houses looks great.
  5. Play board games on that occasion with your loved ones to make your time precious.
  6. Prepare a Christmas song to sing at the Christmas eve dinner and carols.
  7. Give Christmas Newsletters

Why Should You Send a Christmas Newsletter?

Christmas is an occasion of happiness and joy. So, there is a need to send your warm wishes to your beloved ones. Every family receives Christmas Newsletters on every Christmas season. It is estimated that nearly two billion newsletters are sent each year and approximately 20 newsletters are received by each family. But the thing is that from where this tradition began? Let's talk about it.


In the year 1843, the first newsletter was sold in London. It was illustrated by John Calcott Corsley, and he sold roundabout 2050 newsletters. Cards of today feature religious or winter scenes imagery but the first card has an image of a family celebrating Christmas. No type of wording was used in this card. But later in the year 1875, Louis added American wording to it. The Christmas newsletter gained popularity among people and gradually it became a tradition. The main aim of sending Christmas letters is to wish New Year to your dears. Sending a Christmas newsletter implements that you are always standing with them in the hours of joy and sorrow.


Christmas Newsletter can help you to grow your online business. You just have to learn some human psychology, and this article will cover most of these psychology hacks. Now I'm going to tell you how you can optimize the Christmas Newsletter to boost your sales.

How to Optimize Your Christmas Newsletter?

Today we are living in the era of technology. Sending cards for Christmas has become an old fashion. Most people use newsletters to increase their sales rate in online markets. Nowadays people are sending Christmas Newsletters in Soft form. If you don't know how you can optimize your Christmas newsletter then do not worry. I am here to help you. Just read and follow these Christmas Newsletter ideas to optimize an amazing newsletter.

Subject Line For Christmas Newsletter

The subject line in an email plays a pivotal role because people will open up your email only when they found the thing for their benefit. The subject line will be some catchy type so that people can't ignore your email without reading it. Here are some subject lines that you can use for your newsletter:

  • Having Joy On This Christmas With These Amazing Deals
  • Here’s How You Can Make This Christmas Wonderful
  • Special Gift For The New Year
  • Santa Bring Has These Deals Only For You
  • Happy Shopping On Happy Festival
  • Get Relief On This Christmas
  • Women Only Want This From You
  • Get 40% Off On This Christmas
  • Christmas Super Store Offer
  • Limited Time Offer For Christmas
  • Get The Best Deal Of The Year
  • Last Chance- Don’t Miss The Opportunity
  • Christmas Is At Your Doorstep
  • Buy Today To Get 50% Off
  • Amazing Gift On Open That Email
  • Want To Experience Your Best Shopping?
  • Open It Before It's Too Late
  • Perfect Gift For The Best Occasion

For more tips on creating attention grabbing subject line, check out this article.

Design and Visuals

Colours and Designs attract humans naturally. This strategy can be used in the Optimization of Christmas Newsletter. By using great visuals and colour schemes in your Newsletter, you can increase your sales rate. These visuals can be made by using Canva. You can use any Christmas Newsletter template from this site. You can also hire a graphic designer who can make these visuals for you. The design of email campaigns is also important. If you directly mail your recipient on Christmas day, then definitely he/she will never buy your product. This is because you are an unknown person to them. So your email campaign design should be as follow:

  • Start mail your recipient from the start of December
  • Tell them the requirements for Christmas
  • Inform them of the upcoming deal on Christmas
  • Wish them Merry Christmas in advance
  • Guide them properly about your product’s benefits
  • Make a comparison of your product with another which has high pricing


Email Content

When writing the email content, you should keep the following points in mind. These points can increase your sales rate.

  • Do keep in mind that for what purpose you are sending email to your recipient.  These possibilities may include marriage, vacations, new pets, or any of your product’s benefits.
  • There is no need to go into great details because people don’t have time to read long emails. Keep them on point.
  • Download any Christmas theme from the internet and wish them Merry Christmas along with your product benefits.
  • Use a Casual tone during writing your mail. At Christmas time everyone likes the warmth and the overcoming of adversity are considered key elements of the season.
  • Don’t forget to call them for action because it’s necessary.
  • Show them your customer reviews.
  • If possible, then send them the video of your product along with your email.


Christmas Newsletter Examples

Now I’m going to share some Christmas Newsletter examples that will help you to run your email campaign.

1. Inform Them About Christmas At the start of December

It is important to be in contact with your audience to increase the sales rate. No one will purchase and trust strangers. If you're gonna sell your product through the Christmas Newsletter, then it is important to inform them at the beginning of December. You have to write to them that ''December has started. What's your plan for Christmas shopping? You haven't done it yet? Don't worry a great deal is coming to wonder at you. Stay tuned!''

Christmas Newsletter Example

2. Start Mailing Related to Your Products

You have to build a strong relationship with your recipient. After that, send them details and offers related to your product. Inform them about the Great Christmas deal has started. Tell them the requirements and needs of Christmas that every person has. Don't forget to use the word of Sale in your newsletter. According to Psychologists, this word attracts humans, especially women. Due to this, your sales rate can increase up to 50%.

Christmas Newsletter Example

3. Mail Them About 12 Days Of Christmas Deal

Email them about the opening of the 12 days of Christmas deal. This will not only tell your sincerity but also ensure the customer purchases from your store. The reason behind it is that you are informing them about the latest updates. So the trust in you will increase in their minds. Try to talk in a funny and friendly tone, which will be beneficial for you.

Christmas Newsletter Example

4. Offer Them A Gift

That's another strategy of marketing. Do offer a gift to your recipient. From this, you can make a lot of sales. You can ask them if they make the purchase up to $1000, then you will give them a gift. Try to offer a gift which is related to Christmas. You can also give them a Buy One, Get One free offer. But you have to tell them the double price of your product. In this condition, your product also gets sold and you will make a double profit as well.

Christmas Newsletter Example

5. Collection of Gifts for Him/Her 

Christmas is a time of love and happiness. Usually, Couples try to make their partner happy. If you tell them what can make their partner happy, then you can not just increase your product sale but can build your trust as well. You can exactly do it by offering good quality things for babies and kids. In the case of a man, you can offer him a leather bag and for his wife makeup products. 

Showing away your product catalog base on gender is a very good way to get your customers to buy. It not only saves time but also a major headache of having to search for something nice to give to your significant other.

Christmas Newsletter Example

6. Take Start From Small Discounts

First of all, offer a small discount to your recipient. You can take a start from 10%. You can write to them as ''Special offer- Only For Christmas. Do purchase from our store before Christmas to get 10% off on every product. Our priority is to provide you with a good quality product in less quantity of amount. Click now to see our amazing offers''. Write something related to that.

Christmas Newsletter Example

7. Increase Your Offer

If you don't get many sales from the up-mentioned offer, then increase your offer. You have to offer them 30% off on each product. Don't worry about it, you are not actually increasing the offer. This is just a trick to make you sell. In every situation, you will be benefited. So just move on to sending your mails to the recipient.

Christmas Newsletter Example

8. An even bigger offer.

One day before Christmas, you can offer 50% off on every product. After hearing 50% off on products, about half of your audience will make some purchase if they really want to purchase. Most of the ladies will come to your e-commerce store, so try to display more products that are the needs of ladies. You're gonna make a huge profit on that day.

Christmas Newsletter Example

9. Christmas Day Offer

Wish your recipients Merry Christmas and tell them about your new offers. Try to use Santa's theme in the Newsletter. It can be attractive and behave like a special offer for Christmas. Give your recipients the warmth of Christmas and show your friendly behavior. Suggest them the really good products and also tell them the features and benefits of your product. Build your trust by telling them that ''Make a purchase from our store. You will come back to us again and that's our surety''.

Christmas Newsletter Example

10. Last Chance before the sale ends

Most of the stores take extra charges for shipping. You can make your sales better by providing customers with free shipping. Offer your customers free shipping in your Newsletter. They will definitely come to you to buy things after seeing too many offers. But make sure that you are providing them with quality products. Otherwise, they will make only one purchase and never get back to you.

Christmas Newsletter Example

11. Give Them New Year’s Offer

Most people celebrate New year like Christmas day. Most of the people change their household items with the change in a year. There is a great opportunity for those who want to do online marketing. By using Newsletter, they can make a huge profit. The need is to tell people that you are offering them a discount. By properly writing a newsletter, you can make a lot of sales. Offer them a Holiday season offer as well.

Christmas Newsletter Example

12. New Year Wishlist

Write a proper newsletter for your recipients and send them a wishlist to let them know that the new year has arrived. Send them your offers for the new year and inform them that your product will be in the trends of that year. People love to be in an updated form that's why they adopt the latest fashion and trends. So try to be in touch with the latest trends and modify your products accordingly.

Christmas Newsletter Example

13. Give Rewards To Your Loyal Customers

Give rewards to your loyal customers to increase your sales rate. This will not only make these customers permanent for you. But also when people come to know that you are giving rewards to your customers, then they will come to you for purchasing. Through this strategy, you can make a lot of money.

Christmas Newsletter Example

14. The Reminder Email

It is in human nature that he works on time. He never finishes his work before the time due to laziness. Keeping in view, you have to call your recipient for action. You can write to them that ''Last chance to win exclusive gifts. Purchase from our store within 2 days to win awesome prizes''. The last chance strategy is the marketer's favorite ones. You can also use the word Limited Time Offer to increase your sales number.

Christmas Newsletter Example

15. Say Thanks To Your Customers

If someone purchases from your store then you need to send them a Thank You message. You have to first collect the customer’s email account. Then send him a message ‘‘Thanks for shopping, Hope to see you soon’’.  

This email collection not only helps you to send thank you messages. But also you can use these emails later to contact the customers and can inform them about your latest offers.

Christmas Newsletter Example


E-commerce is a business of high competition. If you want to succeed in it, then you have to make your customers trust you. You can use newsletters for that purpose. By informing your customers of the newest deals and by helping them to choose the best product, you can win their trust. And this is the game of the only trust. After that you will not recognize where these sales are coming from. Use proper guidelines to write a newsletter. Use some catchy lines as a subject line. Use designs and visuals while writing an email. Give your customers discounts and offers. Use some psychological hacks in the online market to compete with your opponents. 

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