Everything you need to know about Confirmation Emails + 20 Confirmation Email Examples

Confirmation Emails are generally used to confirm orders, bookings, subscriptions, or registrations. They are a great way to avoid invalid emails, especially for registrations and subscriptions. In this article, we discuss all the types of confirmation emails along with 20 confirmation email examples!

A confirmation email for any business is necessary. Imagine a customer orders an item or books a ticket and does not get a confirmation email.

They will be in a state of panic, wondering if their tickets or order has been registered or not. One effortless confirmation email can avoid that.

Confirmation emails are necessary because it reassures the customer that their orders are confirmed. Confirmation emails need not be only for orders. In fact, there are several types of confirmation orders, such as booking confirmations, registration confirmations, subscription confirmations, etc.

Confirmation Emails are generally used to confirm orders, bookings, subscriptions, or registrations. They are a great way to avoid invalid emails, especially for registrations and subscriptions.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Confirmation Email?
  2. Why are Confirmation Emails Important?
  3. Types of Confirmation Email
    a. Order Confirmation
    b. Booking Confirmation
    c. Registration Confirmation
    d. Subscription Confirmation
  4. What should your confirmation email include?
  5.  Confirmation Email Template Examples
  6. Conclusion

What is a confirmation email?

Emails sent to your customers to reassure them after they've signed up for a service or updated their profile information are known as confirmation emails. There are several types of confirmation emails, such as order confirmation, booking confirmation, registration confirmation, and subscription confirmation email.

Placing an order, registering for an event, subscribing to a newsletter, and booking tickets are all examples of actions that require a confirmation email.

You should send confirmation emails since your audience expects them, and it establishes an immediate connection between the customer and your company.

Why are confirmation emails important?

Lack of confirmation emails creates uncertainty.

How? Well, imagine you find a great deal online, and you order it. The first thing people do once they purchase an item is, check their email inbox. When there is no email from the company or the online ordering system, it makes you wonder if your order went through. Did it fail? Should you re-order it? So many questions.

Lack of confirmation emails can actually frustrate your customers, and they may not purchase from you ever again. Confirmation emails are important because they give you the necessary details such as item name, price, date of delivery, etc. In fact, it is common courtesy to let your customer know that their order is through a confirmation email.

Types of confirmation emails

Today I will be taking you through the four types of confirmation emails. They are 

  1. Order Confirmation
  2. Booking Confirmation
  3. Registration Confirmation
  4. Subscription Confirmation

Order Confirmation

When a consumer places an order on your website, the first transactional email you send them is an order confirmation email.

A purchase confirmation email contains information about the customer's order. It helps to alleviate the post-order anxiety that most internet shoppers suffer.

Booking Confirmation

A type of confirmation email can be anything from a simple confirmation to a thank you note to customers, praising them for picking your business and strengthening the relationship.

Use your booking confirmation email to express gratitude to your customer and to provide information about their reservation.

Booking confirmation emails are sent for various actions. Some of which are: 


  • Flight Bookings
  • Hotel room Bookings
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Tours Bookings, etc.


Registration Confirmation

An email sent to your customers confirming their registration when they register to your website, newsletter, product, or service is known as registration confirmation.


Subscription Confirmation

Subscription confirmation emails are also known as double opt-in emails. They are a great way to avoid invalid emails or typos when users subscribe to your newsletters. Email confirmation is generally sent asking users to confirm their subscription to your email newsletter or service.



What should a confirmation email include?

In most cases, confirmation emails land in the main section of the inbox and obtain high open rates. The following elements are usually included in confirmation emails:

  1. A link back to the original form where the transaction was initiated.
  2. An explanation about what happened during the transaction.
  3. Information about how to proceed next time.
  4. If applicable - information about any discounts / offers available at this moment.

In addition to these items, it's also important to provide some kind of feedback from the customer regarding their experience. For example, "Thank You!”

You can also optimize your confirmation emails to get the best out of them. For example, you could

  1. Personalize the email for your brand
  2. Send a catalog of recommendations.
  3. Motivate your subscribers to give referrals to your product by giving them incentives.
  4. Provide additional offers or discounts.

Furthermore, you can look at these 20 Confirmation email examples that I have compiled for you to take inspiration from. Take notes, as they may be useful for your brand.

20 Confirmation Email Examples

Now that we have discussed all the important information about confirmation emails, let’s look at some examples.

We’ve put together 20 confirmation emails from big brands that you can use for your business.

Order Confirmation Email Examples


Uber's order confirmation emails are simple, clean, and appealing to the eye, with large text, plenty of white space, and a blue CTA encouraging the rider to "rate or tip" the driver. The rider sees the most important information above the fold in the email — "Thank you," followed by the price — so they only have to scroll if they want to.

If you want to have an effective CTA that gets clicks, check out this article on Click Rates that gives tips and techniques to track and increase your engagement.

Email Template by Uber


When a customer places an order, they will typically see a confirmation page before receiving an email confirmation.

For example, here's what you'll see on Amazon after you place an order:

Email Template by Amazon

Finally, when you click the "Buy" or "Purchase" button, you'll be redirected to an order confirmation page, which indicates that an email is on its way. An online confirmation page is a one-time notice informing your consumer that their transaction was completed successfully. If a customer does not view this page, they are likely to believe that their transaction failed.

Here are some things to think about while developing an online confirmation page: 

  1. Here are some things to think about while developing an online confirmation page: Messaging such as "Success! Your order is confirmed", as well as a note that the customer should expect an email in their inbox soon.
  2. An order number, delivery details, and order summary (including total cost).
  3. Optional: Images of the products or services bought.

Classic Specs

Classic Specs has created a fantastic receipt design and a thank-you note. The email is simple, to-the-point, and contains far more information than a standard purchase confirmation email.

Adding photographs of the purchased products to your confirmation emails offers your customers a sense of trust and enthusiasm.

Email Template by Classic Specs

Jet Blue

JetBlue starts their order confirmation email with a humorous and creative slogan "You're all set to jet". This assures the recipient that their order was properly processed.

Moreover, the text beneath the initial slogan promises the recipient "the most legroom in coach, free wi-fi & entertainment, and free snacks & drinks" — despite the fact that the customer has already paid, JetBlue does a good job of ensuring the customer doesn't have any buyer's remorse and uses the order confirmation email as another opportunity to cultivate stronger customer loyalty.

JetBlue includes a simple "Manage trip" CTA below the confirmation so that the consumer can easily amend a seat assignment, add extras, or rearrange flights. Most importantly, they've included a link to their mobile app; it's likely that any consumer receiving an order confirmation from JetBlue would need their app to access their mobile ticket, so include the app link is a sensible move by JetBlue.

Email Template by jetBlue


Solestruck has got their confirmation email right, with a sleek, minimalistic design. They have also gone ahead and taken the extra step to thank the customer for their purchase.

They have also given instructions on how the customer will receive another confirmation email with the tracking number once the product is shipped. All the essential details such as product name, quantity are all included in the confirmation email.

Email Template by solestruck

Booking Confirmation Email Examples

Blind Barber

The reservation is confirmed through email, which includes all relevant information as well as a link to maintain your reservation.

With a timeline illustration displaying the booking confirmation, this email visually displays the booking status.

The most important information is displayed at the top, and if you wish to learn more, they provide more data.

Most importantly, it gives consumers the information they require to be on time for their appointment (address, time, duration, appointment ID).

Email Template by Blind Barber


Booking.com is a world-known platform to book stays for vacations. This email is a perfect example of what a booking confirmation email should look like. They have added all the necessary information such as date, payment details, cancellation costs, etc.

They have a clear, visually appealing CTA to cancel or manage your booking. They have even gone ahead and added a phone number in case of an emergency and also google maps link to locate the hostel.

Email Template by Booking.com

Singapore Airlines

A booking confirmation email for a flight is absolutely essential. Could you imagine the panic of not receiving a confirmation email after booking a flight? It would be horrible.

A flight confirmation should always consist of the following information:

  1. Flight confirmation
  2. Details of arrival/departure
  3. Date/Time of flight
Email Template by Singapore Airlines


SoulCycle's order confirmation email efficiently delivers all necessary information and illustrates SoulCycle's ability to provide exceptional customer care. SoulCycle adds other essential information, such as the studio address. They have also kindly informed the customer that shoes and water will be provided. However, the customers are more than welcome to bring their own.

They include a pleasant invitation at the bottom of their email that reads, "Questions, worries, or just want to say hello?" If the receiver needs to contact customer service, include both a phone number and an email address.

SoulCycle does a great job at including all the essential information and finding areas where they can add their brand voice.

Email Template by SoulCycle


HealthEngine is doing it right by sending booking confirmations for doctor's appointments. They have added all the necessary information such as time, date, location of the medical center, etc.

They have even optimized their CTA’s for managing your appointment and canceling the appointment. They have also added a visually appealing, bold enough CTA to let their customer know that they can get the app.

Email Template by HealthEngine

Registration Confirmation Email Examples

Campaign Monitor

You want to make sure that when users join up for your product, they verify their registration. Double opt-in is a great way to make sure people don't make a typo during registration. It is also a great way to ensure only valid email addresses are used for registration.

In the event that your users forget their password, sending a sign-up confirmation email is beneficial. Additionally, individuals may make an error when joining up.

Email Template by Campaign Monitor


Registration confirmation emails for webinars are super necessary. Without one, there is no way of being able to join the webinar. 

A webinar registration confirmation email usually consists of the link to join the webinar along with details such as time of the event, list of speakers, etc.

Below we have a beautiful clean registration email example for a webinar. They have also optimized the email with a countdown to the event. What’s better is you get CTA’s to add the event to your personal calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.

Email Template by Webinar


Pinterest knows how to send confirmation emails. Their registration confirmation email is nothing short of beautiful. It’s clean and gives information to get you settled in.

Their humorous CTA “Poke around some pins” is the perfect way to get engagement on registration confirmation emails. This is one email you absolutely must take note of when building your registration confirmation email template.

Email Template by Pintrest


Sending event registration confirmation emails with additional information is unavoidable. Attendees may not be aware of the event's location or timing. Your participants will be on track if you confirm registrations with event specifics.

Keep your registrants interested by emphasizing important elements like the event topic, dates, or fresh information.

Some events are for a fee. Send registrants confirmation emails after a successful payment transaction.

Email Template by Paperless


Confirming email registrations is a good way to avoid invalid email addresses. Miro has gone one step further by adding a one-time password with their registration confirmation email.

For those that do not intend to use the one-time password, they made sure to add a visually appealing, call to action that catches your attention.

Email Template by miro

Subscription Confirmation Email Examples


Parabo has got its subscription confirmation emails right with a humorous one-liner. “We really want you to want us” puts off a personal feeling towards their subscribers.

Their call to action is well optimized and is easily noticeable. 

Overall Parabo has maintained a minimalistic yet visually appealing design.

Email Template by Parabo


MAKER’S have kept their design sleek by not adding too much detail. They have also made sure to add a hyperlink to contact support should you need any help. 

This shows that they care about their subscribers.

The call to action to edit your profile to personalize your profile is also added in their subscription confirmation email.

Links to their blog and social media such as Facebook and Twitter are also included. This is a great way to increase engagement with your subscribers and have them connect with all your social media.

Email Template by MAKERS


Geckoboard has an intriguing subscription confirmation email design. They seem to have added a GIF as their email both thanking as well as notifying their followers that their subscription has been confirmed.

Thanking your subscribers for subscribing to your newsletter is a great way to appreciate your audience. It sends out a good message that you care about your subscribers. 

They have also optimized their call to action, by adding a noticeable CTA to go back to their website.

Email Template by GECKOBOARD


BitDegree has got its subscription confirmation email right. Their double-opt-in subscription confirmation email is beautifully designed with a perfectly placed call to action button.

The CTA is not too flashy but is big and easy to read. They even congratulate you and have their text optimized to point towards the call to action.

Email Template by BitDegree


Republic has designed its double opt-in subscription confirmation email beautifully. Their design is clean with the right amount of information.

They even mentioned what you can expect from them by giving detailed information about their features.

The text is optimized to point towards their perfectly placed call to action. They have even added alternative links to confirm your subscription in case the call to action button is inaccessible.

Email Template by Republic


Every new lead and customer you get is a cause for joy in your order confirmation emails.

Begin by asking subscribers to confirm their email signups. Let them know what you'd like them to do next.

It is one of the most important ways for establishing a good client relationship. It gives customers information and makes them happy.

Finally, don't be boring; personalize your confirmation letters using your clients' information to increase email engagement.

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