All You need to know about Drip Email Marketing Campaign

Drip Email Marketing Campaigns are a great way to keep your audience engaged with your brand. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about drip email marketing to have a successful drip email marketing campaign.


Drip Campaign is a marketing tool designed to ease this customer process. It is a set of automated emails that you send to your customers over a period of time. The emails are sent to the target audience, and you may customize the follow-up emails based on the specific actions they take on your first email. You may determine how many emails you need to send, what type of email content you may need to send, and when do you want to send them. 

Here’s a scenario that may help you understand the sequence:

A potential customer visits your website and likes what they see. They are more likely to sign-up for your newsletter, and in doing so, their email id gets registered to your email list. They have entered your sales funnel and are now a lead. You have to warm up this lead. So, you will share an email with some business updates, notifications, offers, etc. These updates are your marketing tools. After sharing an email, you have to wait for their response. Drip Email Marketing is a lot like fishing; you have to wait after throwing the bait. 

Your next email will depend on how the lead responds to your first email. A positive response would mean that the lead is interested, and you may continue with the customer journey and process them further down the email sequence. In comparison, an indifferent or a negative response would mean that the lead isn’t ready to be warmed up yet. In both cases, you must ensure that you don’t come off as being overly assertive or aggressive. You want to seem friendly, relevant, and at the same professional. 

For a positive response, we would recommend sending the next email within a span of two days to one week. You may choose to wait for a longer period of time for other responses. As the lead’s journey continues through the funnel, their interest will gradually increase in your business. They will want to learn more about your business. In marketing terms, this is known as warming up. From this point on, you may start being more frequent with your emails until your lead has warmed up to you. This brings us to the next step in understanding Drip Campaigns. 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why should you send Drip Campaign Emails
  3. When should you send drip campaigns?
  4. How to implement a Drip Campaign?

Why should you send Drip Campaign Emails?

When you look around, you may see that more and more people are engaged with their electronic devices. While social media is one of the best places to get a potential lead’s attention, it is the emails that convert them. Email marketing has an overall open rate of around 17% and a conversion rate of 14.65%. While B2B enjoys a higher success rate in this case, but the B2C market isn’t falling behind.  In recent years, Drip Email Marketing has enjoyed an open rate of 21%, which is higher than the other email marketing tactics like a blast and single send that both B2B and B2C marketers are implementing. 

The thing that makes Drip Campaigns so successful is that it empowers you to share more information in succinct formats over a longer period of time. You may keep the content for your emails ready, customize them into categories on when do you want to send them, and to who; you may even schedule them in advance. This gives you more control over your campaigns and enables you to understand the potential lead better. 

You may categorize these emails the way you want them to be. They may be categorized depending on the behavior of a customer, their date of birth, their geographical location, etc. More importantly, they may be customized to give your leads the specific information that is relevant to their point in the customer journey.

This is why Drip Campaigns work better than single-send or blast marketing campaigns. 

When should you send drip campaigns?

As we have already stated, the idea is not to come off as being too assertive or aggressive. Understanding when to send Drip Campaigns in Drip Email Marketing is all about tracking the customer journey through the funnel. Is your customer ready to be a potential lead? If yes, you may start them on the journey as a cold lead. 

After that, it is all about how they respond to your email. Several factors also play a part in this, like the organization strategy, your goals, resources, etc. However, there are a few cases that are generally considered ideal for sharing Drip Email Campaigns:

  • When you want to nurture leads, welcome them, or onboard them, there is nothing like a Drip Campaign. This is mainly because of the nature of Drip Email Marketing. It is all about giving relevant and succinct information over a longer period of time. It makes the customer journey smooth and helps them feel like a part of the experience. 
  • When someone signs up over a recommendation for your business, Drip Email Marketing is the way to go. It gives you the space to slowly and steadily introduce different aspects of your business to the customer. This makes the transition in the funnel a lot easier. 
  • Drip Email Marketing could also be a great tool to engage with those who have unsubscribed from your marketing emails. It could convince them to renew their subscription by engaging with them over a longer period of time. 

Since we have talked about what’s, why’s, and when’s, it is time to dive a little deeper to understand the different types of Drip Campaigns. 

Types of Drip Email Campaigns

  • Top-of-the-mind Campaigns: As the name suggests, this type of campaign is to make sure that your cold leads don’t forget about you. Usually, these campaigns are best to be sent once weekly unless the lead really seems eager to convert. 
  • Welcoming/Onboarding Campaigns: This is for the cold leads that are ready to warm up to you. They have gone through the journey in the funnel and are just about to convert. 
  • Comparison/Competitive Campaigns: This is for leads that are comparing you with other competitors in the same field. The idea of this campaign is to help you stand out in the crowd and make yourself noticed. This campaign is all about your unique selling point and how you are different from everyone else. 
  • Re-engagement Campaigns: Gaining attention is good, but being able to keep that attention is a different story. This is why re-engagement campaigns work so well. The idea behind this campaign is to convince your lead to re-enter the marketing funnel. Thus, giving you another opportunity to engage with them and convert them into warm leads. Here's an article to understand more about Email Marketing funnel and how to create one.

Examples of Drip Campaigns

Over the years, there have been a number of Drip Campaigns that have worked over the last few years. Here are 11 of them:

  • Amazon’s free 1-Month Kindle Unlimited Subscription: You probably have noticed this email after opening an account on We couldn’t help but point out the obvious in this case because this is truly a brilliant campaign. The idea behind this campaign is to get customers to sign-up for Kindle Unlimited. Amazon manages to do that by giving customers a one-month free subscription for it. This is why there are so many Kindle Unlimited Subscribers. It is just very smart marketing. 

Drip Campaign by Amazon

  • Netflix’s Cancellation Campaign: Normally, you receive a confirmation message for it when you cancel a subscription. Netflix sends you one too, but with an added twist, Netflix also provides you the option to opt back in. The thing that makes this campaign is the alignment of the text and the design of the entire template. You read the message, “Your cancellation confirmation,” at the top, under the Netflix logo. After that, you have some short but well-crafted sentences and a red call-to-action button on a white background. 

Drip Campaign by Netflix

Holiday Thief Trello: There are many organizations that use a holiday to their advantage; Trello is no different. On their “12 Days of Trello” campaign, Trello went all out to educate their customer and advertise their products. Trello sent out emails with beautifully designed templates that had links to their project management tools. In other words, they were inviting people to do work on holidays and were making them look forward to it. 

Drip Campaign by Trello

Zendesk’s Campaign: If you ever need to learn about welcome and onboarding campaigns then look no further than Zendesk. They have some of the best and simplest Drip Marketing Emails that tell the user what to do after they have been converted into a warm lead. Then they top it up with a call-to-action button, strategically placed at the center and highlighted in a shade of blue. 

Drip Campaign by Zendesk

The Zombies Run Marathon:  With the advent of technology, we have more people who are interested in staying home. Many have running routines, which constantly create problems for them. This is where the Zombies Run helps by gamification of your running experience. In their Drip Campaign, they welcome their customers, use personal and emotional triggers, and provide a more personalized experience, keeping their customers hooked. 

Drip Campaign Example

Drift’s Trick to Re-Engage: Drift sends its users three emails over a span of three weeks to re-engage them after they have signed up for an account. The content of these emails varies from lead, depending on their responses. The idea of this campaign is to engage with trial users and convince them to convert into paid users. Drip does this through a series of emails with succinct information that captures the users’ imagination. 

  • Leah Kalamaki’s Freelance Campaign: There are more freelancers in the market now than there were about a decade ago. There is one in particular who has made a living through freelance web designing. Then she went on to start her “Freelance to Freedom Project School.” While all that sounds very noble, Leah took an extra step with her Drip Campaign when she used a personal tone in it. She even went on to share her day-to-day personal musings with her subscribers. This brought more people to her website. 

  • The SkinnyDip Re-Engagement: Here is another re-engagement campaign that is worth studying. SkinnyDip took the “Customer First” clause to a new height with their Drip Email Marketing by making their emails very customer-friendly. Their emails often have a personal touch to them with images that are sure to catch attention. They show that they care about their customer and their emails often come with rewards, which entices a customer to re-engage with them and re-enter the marketing funnel. 
Re-engagement Email Example


  • The Airbnb Hospitality: What happens when you are a platform for people to book living accommodations but want to do Drip Campaign? You bring out your Unique Selling Point. Airbnb’s emails often feature images of guests who have lived in the accommodations provided by them. They also feature images of the accommodation, some content related to it, and a bright-colored call-to-action button. This makes Airbnb very unique and helps them stand out from its competition. 
Drip Campaign by AirBnb


  • Grammarly’s Drip Campaign: Grammarly has one of the best campaigns because it is exactly to the point and educational. There is no fluff, no extra marketing, or anything involved in it. It is just plain and simple, content-related, relevant, and, more importantly, very well-directed. Grammarly’s emails contain information for its users; its tools, the usage of each tool, and the way they could be used. All of that with red and green-colored buttons on a white background and black text, Grammarly knows how to flaunt it in style. 
Drip Campaign by Grammarly

  • Patagonia’s Weather-Based Marketing: Here is a marketing approach that is unique, weather-based marketing. Patagonia uses this strategy in their Drip Marketing Emails. They share emails with recommendations based on the weather of their geographical location. This makes it relevant and unique. It is relevant because no matter where you stay, you will have a climate and weather. It is unique because it is not all that common. While there are many businesses that have sales for every season, it is very different sharing weather-based Drip Marketing emails. 
Drip Campaign by Patagonia

The Shaving Campaign: Selling customers products based on their history and personal preferences is nothing new. If you have Google ads, you might have noticed this already. Google often listens to our conversations and recommends us things too. While Dollar didn’t go that far, but they something more interesting in their marketing campaign. Relying more on images on a rather attractive background, Dollar came up with a campaign where the pictures spoke more than a thousand words. The aesthetic of the image showing the offer with the word “offer” being highlighted and the placement of the images did most of the work. As far as word content, Dollar kept things rather simple and short. Perhaps, short and concise is still the way to go in marketing. 

The Shaving Drip Campaign

How to implement a Drip Campaign?

With MuxEmail, you can seamlessly create drip campaigns or sequences with multiple steps and delays. To learn more about how to create a sequence or a drip campaign you can check this help article.

That is all we had to share about Drip Marketing Campaigns. For more such informative articles, make sure to check out our blog page. 

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