Everything About Email Click Rates +Tips and Techniques

This article discusses everything about Email Click Rates along with Tips and Techniques to improve your Email Click Rates

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Email Click Rate?
  3. What is a Good Click Rate?
  4. How to Increase your click rate?
  5. Track you Email Marketing Metrics and Optimize
  6. Conclusion


Internet is deliberately the best source of production services with few clicks away of a button. While browsing the internet most of us seen ads with various attractive offers on products and services. This is one of the best online marketing techniques to increase traffic with a high conversion rate. Although we’re not recommending or influencing you to click on those ads. There might be various questions in mind like what is a good impression click-through rate? Or what is ctr in AdWords? We are trying to explain the importance of email marketing with click-through rates. Even though we are unable to offer you exciting offers, we will give you various tips and techniques on click-through rates to have a strong email program. In this article, we will grab on to all the details of email click rate.

What is Email Click Rate?

Email click rate or is a great way to measure the hyperlink is being clicked by various people. Apart from the hyperlink, could be CTA or videos images that are being sent with a particular email. The calculation is simple which is need to take the total number of clicks on receiving email and divide it with the total number of messages being delivered. Email click rate ensures the engagement on the email, although it is entirely different from click to open rate. This is the calculation of the entire activity of every person who has received their email in the inbox. 

This keeps an overview of the percentage of the audience which is interested in the content being sent in any time frame. Few of the ESPs might also be used uniquely to calculate this complete metric, but the majority of them will not use such a method. Unique click is the tracking of first-time subscriber click on any campaign. It will not calculate any click after being clicked for the first time, even if there were being multiple clicks. The average percentage of yearly email marketing benchmarks can be easily calculated to have a clear estimation. 

The main objective of the email click rate is to calculate engagement. Using email click rate we can easily calculate the performance in the following areas.

  • Link Placement
  • Email Fatigue or Overall Interest
  • Link Count
  • Email Content
  • Media Type

It is the basic equation to calculate the number of times any audience applet through any specific email campaign. It can be tracked in two different ways using all link click and unique link click.  Unique link click is used for tracking every click for the first time in any link, it will give you the complete overview of the percentage of the disciplines clicked through the email campaign. All link click is used for calculating all the click is being happened to any particular email even if the similar user clicks for multiple time. 

There is a major difference between emails being sent and emails being delivered. Emails sent is the total number of messages is being sent to a different user using an email campaign which is not having any bounce rate. Although emails have been delivered is the number of emails being bounced from emails sent. Email click rate is also depending on these factors which need to be calculated carefully. This could help in improving various areas in all future campaigns.

What is a Good Click Rate?

The first thing you need to choose is the average email click-through rate. Although selecting a good CTR can be a challenging task. Email marketing benchmarks can vary on different factors. According to a few of the marketers, the email marketing click-through rate is great if it crosses the 10% benchmark. Although most of the time you will never get any closer to such a benchmark. Services like Delivra offers more than 3.57% of email click-through rate in various sectors. It is also recorded that the sports email will have the highest 7.49% clickthrough rate, whereas any legal emails will have the lowest of 1.04% ctr. 

Similarly, Mailchimp is having the benchmark record based on email open rates on various industries which shows it is having good ctr with 1.25% in the hotel and restaurant industry. Whereas the hobbies section is having more than 5.13% of ctr. You can easily get your email click to rate directly from the email marketing service dashboard. This ensures the number of actual engagements that take place in various industries. You can select your aim based on those data, which will help you to get a good click rate for your email campaign.

How to increase your Click Rate?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that if the users never open up the emails, then they will never click on your content. To improve the percentage in email, click rate, you need to work hard on the email open rate to convert the number. There are various tips and techniques which can be used to improve email click rate. We have listed the best possible ways to increase your click rate with videos of effective ways.

1. Optimize Open Rates:

Open Rate

Every content marketer focuses on gathering visitor email addresses. Every website is having newsletter services that get connected with audiences. The first step you need to take is by optimizing open rates for the email. To do so you need to follow choose specific steps of email marketing. Email design needs to be having you are the major factors that increase open rates. Every email should have a personal center name that feels more personal and increases the open rate. It is recommended to you “Andrew Smith from Declan Ideas” rather than “Declan Ideas”. 

Sending email from a person and not a brand will have a more open rate which will convert to increasing in click rate. Email should have a punchy subject line that will grow interested among the audience. Email should be optimized for front-loaded which needs to be scalable for every device. We need to remember that smartphone devices are having small screen sizes which limit few words in the first line. We should use a short and simple email subject line to have a more increased open rate. 

It is recommended to use top-performing words in the subject line, which is entirely based on analysis and research. Top-performing words that ending words that will attract the attention of every recipient. Try to keep the subject line within 4 to 5 words, because analysis shows that the recipient loses interest with long subject lines.

Check out this article to learn everything about open rates and how to optimize them.

2. Perfect your Call-To-Action (CTA):

Call to Action

Call to action or CTA is the guideline news for marketing campaigns, influences the visitors to the website to take various actions. Call in action is used in different forms such as buttons, text hyperlinks, and plain text with no link. For example, “Download Now” & “Watch Now” are used on most websites. To perfect your call-to-action you need to use few important factors. It is recommended to use strong action words which influence the visitors. For example, the usage of “Buy Now” or “Download This ….” increases engagement and conversion. 

Another strategy is to use enthusiasm and emotion to get a better response from the users. For example, the usage of “Buy Now and Get 85% Off!” or “Gain fitness in just 4 weeks” will have more effect on conversion. This gets in touch with the emotion of the users, and they fill the required to act on the campaign. Create your ideas to make up your call to action rather than using the same old strategies. Call to action like Social Media ad CTA are the most used strategies in the current online world. This also refers to connections is being sent via email campaigning to various audiences.

3. Design Responsive Emails:

Responsive Design

Designing responsive emails is one of the most important strategies which we can use. Most of the smartphone devices are used for opening email, and the number is increasing rapidly. Responsive email designs will get it and customize according to the screen size of users' devices. The email content will automatically adapt the screen size of the device of the user. No matter which device they are using, an email will cater the best possible experience to the audience. Perfect rendering of the email is one of the major factors to responsive emails. 

Few factors need to be kept in mind before creating a responsive email. Need to use a single column layout which makes it much easier for the user to read. Recommended using 14pt font for the body and 20pt font for the title. This will make the emails more prominent and easier to read on small screen devices. Place the call-in-action effective way to have more engagement. Refrain from using a hyperlink, and most importantly cluttered hyperlink which will be rejected by the users. Try to use small responsive images which increases the accessibility to the users. Before going any further for email campaigning, make sure to test this feature before launching them into the crowd.

4. Personalize your Content:

Personalizing Content

The majority of the email Marketers use the personalization technique to increasing the conversion rate. The few factors which need to be followed to get a better result. The “From” name is one of the prominent things which shows up in the email and attracts the users. It is recommended to use them in large text and highlighted font which makes them quickly recognized by the audience. Next is to offer the most highlighted subject line to gain the interest of the customer. 

This is also used in bold and highlighted words to be quickly read by the audience just after reading “From” name. According to various research the name used in the subject line when to have more open rate compared to normal ones. Use attractive email contents which are relevant to specific users. This increases the chance of click rate increase the engagement. If any of the personal information of the audience is being stored in the email list, it is recommended to use that information to create more personalized content. 

For example, we can use “Hello John” instead of just saying hello at the beginning of the email. Images are one of the most important factors which need to be properly utilized. Using relevant images increases the chance of open rate along with click rate. Products and services can be recommended according to the behavior of the user on a certain website. This increases the chance of conversion because previously the audience is interested in such products.

5. Segment your Audience:

Segmenting Audience

Segmentation of the audience is one of the major factors for increased click rate. A large quantity of audiences needs to be divided into various groups of segments according to their characteristics, need, and values. Segmentation with help in marketing with relevant content to a specific audience rather than spamming their inbox. This Segmentation help in promoting various products and services to specific sections without decreasing the click rate. It can be done just by following a few methods. 

First of all, we need to review the information of the audience to get a complete overview of the need and behavior. This helps in the segmentation of the audiences into appropriate groups. Few segmentation criteria need to be followed based on the psychographics, geographical, Behavioral, and Socio-demographic aspects. This will help in targeting various segments based on the product and services.

6. Test Sending Time:

Test Sending Time

It is mandatory to test the sending time engaging in email campaigns to increase the click rate. You need to consider various time zones which would affect the engagement of the audience. We need to carefully analyze the personal information with the audience to determine search decisions. Try to engage mostly in weekends and holidays which improves the conversion rate. Email campaigns being sent on workdays will have a low conversion rate due to the busy schedule of the audience. Analyze all the details of the audience which is being provided at the time of the sign-up into your website. This will improve the marketing strategies and increase the click rate on email marketing.

7. Create Urgency:

Create Urgency

Creating urgency in email marketing can increase the click rate in email marketing. Few methods need to be followed to create the best urgency-based email for the audience. Try to use a countdown timer that will grab the attention of the audience. Due to the moving timer the audience ham the origins to visit the offer or services instantly. It is also recommended to use time-sensitive words such as Quick, Fast, Now, Hurry, Ending Soon, While Supplies Last, etc. This increases the urgency in visiting the website which increases the click rate. Direct and clear CTA will have the complete information regarding the need of the audience to be done. Sarcasm is one of the major factors of a higher conversion rate, so basically, a sarcasm-based caption will grab more attention than a normal one.

8. Schedule your Emails:

Scheduling Emails

Scheduling the emails will help in grabbing the attention of the audience based on various factors. Email scheduling can be done based on occasion and other factors which are trending. Those will be the perfect time for the email marketing process and have a higher conversion rate. Scheduling of email is much easier and can be done manually or with premium extension services. Those will help in managing and sending the emails at the appropriate time to target audiences. Targeting the audience is at the right time with email campaigning will increase the click rate instantly.

Track your Email Marketing Metrics and Optimize:

Tracking email marketing metrics and optimizing them is the best way to master email marketing. The process involves defining Rookie mistakes, creating the best campaign along with optimization of emails with high engagement. We completely need to follow the open rate statistics to increase the click rate. It can be monitored through the dashboard of the Email Marketing Services. Click through rate needs to be properly monitored to get the best engagement the audiences. Tracking the conversion rate based on open rate and click-through rate is much important. Check out this article to learn about the 13 Email Marketing Metrics every Marketers must track.

It involves sending various affiliated links to audiences by attracting them with various factors we discussed above. Bounce rate needs to be followed to increase the chance of email rejection in the further marketing process. Even with the increasing number of subscribers, counting unsubscribe rate is also needed to have a complete overview of the issues on marketing. Audiences tend to unsubscribe if they are spent with your relevant information and email. 

Calculate the growth rate based on subscribers in subscribers, which will help in getting the engagement rate easily. In most cases the email marketing will get spam complaints, to avoid it you need to increase the quality of the male and decrease the number of emails per day. Frequent email sending can end up your marketing emails in the spam folder.


We have thoroughly discussed the email click rate tips and techniques provided by experts. We will recommend you follow these guidelines to improve your email marketing. This will increase the chance of conversion with a high ROI. We have researched various studies and taken ideas from experts before converging the complete article before you. Share this informative article with others, spread the knowledge of the best tips and techniques which will improve their strategies in email marketing.

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