A Guide to Event Invitation Emails + 15 Event Invitation Email Samples

Event invitation emails are one of the main channels for a successful event. This article clarifies what event invitation emails are, the things you must include in an event invitation email along with a compilation of 15 Best Event Invitation Email Templates to take inspiration from.

Hosting an event requires a lot of work. So, it especially hurts when the number of audiences that show up is not as expected. 

So we have decided to create a guide to send an email invite that will get tons of people to participate in your event.

So, how can you write an email invitation to an upcoming event that will entice people to attend?

It has a lot to do with what people want to read and learn before selecting whether or not to attend your event.

Be sure to read this article till the end, as I will be sharing 15 examples of event invitation.

Table of Contents

  1. About Event Invitation Emails
  2. 4 Things you must include in your email invitation
    a. The venue, Time, and Date
    b. Use witty invitation phrase
    c. Design should be relevant to your brand
    d. Clickbait Subject Lines
  3. 15 Email Invitation Template Examples
  4. Conclusion

About Event Invitation Emails

There's a lot that goes into planning an event. Events are all about the logistics, itinerary, venue, speakers, etc. You want to cram all that information in one email template and make it presentable to your audience.

Because without a good email template, your audience won't even be interested. You need to grab your subscriber’s attention by mentioning some of the essential details, such as influential speakers who will speak at the event. Or maybe you could add details about giveaways that will take place for participating in the event.

The details regarding the event can be anything. I mean, it is your event. Be creative. The main goal is to ensure participants learn details about your event.

If they don't know much about your event, they aren't going to participate in it. It's as simple as that.

Event invitation emails are one of the main channels for a successful event. With email marketing, you can target a specific audience based on the theme of your event and expect a great turnout.

With email marketing, you can:

  1. Send exciting email campaigns promoting your event
  2. Send out emails in bulk to a large audience
  3. Automate the process of sending invites and reminders 
  4. Create a personalized experience
  5. Show gratitude to event attendees.

4 Things you must include in your email invitation

There are some things you must absolutely include in your event invitation email. 

Here are the four things that are essential for an event invitation email:

1. The Venue, Time, and Date

Whether an event is online or at a physical location doesn't matter. You should always include event details such as the time and date of the event in your event invitation email.

If the event is taking place online, be sure to include a link or let your invitees know that a link will be shared closer to the event deadline. You can also add a countdown to keep your subscribers engaged.

If your event is taking place at a physical location, be sure to add the address. Adding a link to Google Maps also helps and increases engagement metrics.

2. Use Witty Invitation Phrases

Get creative with your invitation phrases. Be witty and add a little bit of humor. Humor goes a long way, and it can help increases engagement metrics such as click rate.

Design your emails in a friendly tone and personalize the email to cater to your audience's needs. Your subscribers will only take action if they benefit from it. 

I mean, they are investing their time into your event. If the audience doesn't get something in return, there would be no point in attending it. Show your subscribers the benefits of attending your event through your design.

3. Design your email in relevance to your brand

Your design should reflect your brand. Ultimately, you are trying to push sales of your business and brand through the event. 

Make sure that your email design reflects on what kind of a brand you are. Add the necessary call to action button. A call to action button at the right place can increase your engagement metrics by a large amount!

Get creative with your event invitation email template. You can add videos, GIFs, and emojis in this day and age and make your email interactive and engaging. An attractive design will always get the desired outcome.

4. Clickbait subject line

The subject line is one of the main aspects of an email. You spend hours designing your email; you might as well spend a little extra in perfecting your email subject line.

A good subject line can drastically increase your open rates. And we all know conversions are directly dependant on the open rate. If your subscribers don't even open your email, how can you convert them to attendees? 

So take the time to think of a good, catchy subject line that baits your subscribers into clicking it. Check out this article for tips on creating attention grabbing subject lines.

15 Event Invitation Email Examples to learn from

Now that we have discussed everything you need to know about event invitation emails let’s look at 15 examples of event invitation emails that you can learn from. Take inspiration from these event email templates to increase your event attendance.

Watch carefully as you might want to include some of these in your email marketing campaign.

1. Retail Global’s eComm Party Invite

Retail Global has got its event invitation email going strong. They have added beautiful visuals along all the key elements informing attendees about the event. 

Retail Global is inviting its subscribers to a free networking event by hosting a party. They have perfectly optimized their call to action by drafting an attention-grabbing design. Who wouldn’t want to “ Find Out More “ about this amazing event? I surely would!

As mentioned before, they have added the necessary details, mentioned the webinar’s medium, such as when the event is taking place and where.

This email design is the epitome of what you call a perfect event invitation email. 

Event Invitation Template by Retail Global

2. Willo’s Webinar

Willo has got their webinar invitation right. They have added all the essential information such as time and date and also mentioned the medium of the webinar as Zoom. 

They have also taken the extra step to inform their audience about the speakers that are going to be present at the webinar and mentioned what they could expect from the webinar. They have also perfectly optimized their email campaign by asking their subscribers to RSVP if they intend to attend the webinar.

Event Invitation Template by Willo

3. Apple

Apple has designed an awe-inspiring event invitation email. They have mentioned all the essential details, such as all the events that are going to take place.

They have also kept the content to a minimum and optimized their call to action. Their call to action is easy to spot, bold, and worded perfectly to increase engagement. Subscribers who are interested in the event are sure to find out more about the event.

Event Invitation Template by Apple

4. It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That has designed a beautiful email campaign that includes all the essential information a subscriber needs to know. From the time and date to which platform the event is taking place on, they have made sure not to leave any details out.

They have also optimized the call to action perfectly to get tickets. They have also mentioned all the speakers taking part in the webinar and what they will be talking about.

Event Invitation Template

5. Tekspace

Tekspace has designed its event invitation email the right way. Everything is perfectly optimized for the highest engagement, from the subject line to the content to their call to action.

Their subject line “You’ve been invited” is sure to get opens as people will be curious to know what they are invited to. It sparks interest among their subscribers and grabs their attention as it should.

They have given all the essential information about speakers, their designation, what they are going to talk about, time, and date. They have also made sure to place a bold, easy-to-spot call to action to register for the event.

Event Invitation Template by Tekspace

6. Thinkific

This is more of a reminder than an invitation. As we mentioned earlier, event invitation emails need not just include invitations; you can also remind your subscribers about the event at a closer date.

Thinkific is reminding their subscribers about the event and also inviting them to join each session. They have beautifully designed their email campaign by giving all the necessary information about the speakers and the time they are going to speak it. 

They have also optimized their call to action to explore more sessions, and if you like a particular session, they have also provided a link to watch the session.

Event Invitation Template by Thinkific

7. Comedy Tour

The best part of email marketing is, you don’t need to be a business to do email marketing. You can also do it as an individual. Email marketing is a great way to get attendees if you have stand-up comedy tours or something similar.

This email campaign has all the necessary details one would require. From dates to the venue, they have mentioned everything.

Event Invitation Template

8. Google Cloud Next

Google always gets their email designs on point. They have designed a beautiful email template for their Cloud Next ‘18 event.

They have also gone ahead and given a disclaimer to their subscribers, notifying them that the tickets are limited, and they might want to register now if they intend to attend the event. They have also mentioned the benefits of registering early, which is $500 off of the full admission price.

Google has also informed its subscribers about the events that are going to take place at the conference and what you can expect from them.

Event Invitation Template by Google

9. Invision

Invision has done the right thing by including the list of speakers that are going to be present during the event.

If the panelist looks interesting, then people are sure to mark their calendars for your event. Listing out the speakers that are going to be present at the event is a great way to get your desired audience. 

Listing the panelist is good because it sets expectations. The participants will know what to expect from the event. This is a great way to get your desired audience.

Event Invitation Template by Invision

10. The NoMad Hotel

The NoMad Hotel has got their event invitation email for their new years ever magic show perfect. From the design visuals to the content, everything has been carefully planned and executed.

They have added all the essential details, such as what the subscribers/attendees can expect from the event. The start and end times, date, and venue have also been clearly explained in the event invite.

They have also perfectly optimized their call to action as it is easy to spot and bold. 

Event Invitation Template by The NoMad Hotel

11. FoxFuel

FoxFuels email design is the perfect example of getting your message across with minimum content.

They have kept their content to a minimum and managed to explain all the necessary details required while being witty and humorous. With their subject line as  “You’re invited: A Holiday Happy Hour,” it is for sure going to get the engagement/opens as expected.

Event Invitation Template by FoxFuel

12. Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Event invitation emails need not be only about inviting your subscribers to the event. You could also promote your product or services, as Harney & Sons have done with their even invitation email.

With their event to celebrate Shakespeare, they decided to prompt some of their finest tea.

Along with the product promotion, they have included all the necessary details, such as the time and date required for an event invitation email.

Event Invitation Template by Harney & Sons

13. Liquorice

Liquorice started their event invitation email by thanking their subscribers for a wonderful year, and as a symbol of gratitude, they are hosting an event.

They have added all the essential information an event invitation email should contain, such as the time and date. Liquorice has also added google maps link to where the event is taking place.

Event Invitation Template by Liquorice

14. Litmus

Litmus has been creative with their email campaign. They decided to engage with their customers instead of going the traditional route of giving them the information directly.

By keeping the location a secret and asking subscribers to tweet their guesses, increases the engagement metrics and gets people talking about the event. It creates hype! A very clever way to market an event.

Once they reach 500 shares, they reveal the three cities that their event is taking place in. Apart from the location, they have also mentioned all the necessary information such as speakers that are attending the event, the time, and the date.

Event Invitation Template by Litmus

15. Monotype

Monotype has designed a beautiful email template for their monthly webinar. Their subject like “June Webinar: Finely Tuned Typography” gives just enough information to expect what the email is about.

Subscribers interested in their monthly webinars are surely going to open the email. Their content is perfectly personalized for subscribers interested in typography. They have also given all the necessary information, such as who the speaker is going to be, time, and date.

Event Invitation Template by Monotype


Well, that’s all about event invitation emails. Now you have all the information you require to start working on your own event invitation email.

I believe that our compiled event invitation email templates will be of great help when drafting your own emails. 

With that, I wish you good luck with your event, and if you are hosting any, don’t forget to invite me too!

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