Halloween Email Marketing: Tricks, Treats, and everything in between. + 15 Halloween Email Designs

In this article, we will evaluate and clarify how you can use Halloween as a theme and create your own Halloween email campaign that speaks to your target audience. We have also included 15 amazing Halloween Email design templates for you to take inspiration from for your Halloween Email Marketing

Halloween is a great festival for everyone. Kids go door to door for trick or treat and teenagers enjoy themselves with scary movies and haunted houses. In this article, we will evaluate and clarify how you can use Halloween as a theme and create your own Halloween email campaign that speaks to your target audience.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Halloween and Significance
  3. Content Tips for your Email Marketing
  4. Subject Line for Successful Email Marketing
  5. Call to Action and Its Importance
  6. 15 Halloween Email Designs to take inspiration from
  7. Conclusion

Halloween And Significance

But first, what is Halloween and why do we celebrate it? Not everyone knows this fact but initially, Halloween was celebrated as All Saints Day (The other name for All Saints Day is All Hallows Day). In Christianity, we believe that all spirits after leaving the human body ascend to Heaven to continue their spiritual journey. For the ones that have left us, we honor them through celebrating Halloween which means Holy. 

This day marked the top of summer and therefore the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was typically associated with the deceased. According to Celts, every 31st December will blur the lines between the worlds of the living and the dead. On the night of Gregorian calendar month thirty-one, they celebrated Samhain, once it absolutely was believed that the ghosts of the dead came to earth.

Halloween is a busy time for all of us but more than that, Halloween is the most fun because before the day comes, we need to do a lot of shopping. This means that we will get more customers but so will our competitors and to drive more sales, we need a stronger strategy and a clear customer persona. 

Incorporating Halloween in Email

America spends over 8 million dollars on Halloween shopping alone which clearly means that planning and shopping is a much bigger part of Halloween than going to A Haunted House or hearing stories about witches. In this article, we will discuss tips as well as encounter a few examples to get a definite idea about building our own Halloween email campaigns. 

Here are some of the effects and characteristics you can use to make this Halloween spookier and more adventurous for your business in a fun way. 

  1. Add visuals to your Halloween-themed email so that anyone who sees it can instantly know that this is made for the Halloween season. Your Halloween email might include graphics that portray or give off the specific Vibes using black cats, pumpkins, and more. 
  1. Find an angle or a perspective about Halloween that also resonates with your brand value or your product. Use this perspective through your copy for the graphics and let your customers know that you are ready for a Spooky even tell you and it does not need to align with your brand colors.
  1. If you want to align your brand colors with your Halloween email marketing campaign then using Halloween colors and switching it up so that align with your brand can help you both ways. For example, using light orange instead of a simple orange color.
  1. Add mystery in your emails by using the right copy that will invoke the feeling of enthusiasm and curiosity within your customers and they will be likely to purchase more.
  1. Don't be basic because everyone will try to put the theme of Halloween. Your email needs to stand out so just let your creativity flow and do not restrict it because giving try to a little weird idea might be just something your business needs. 

Content Tips For You

Now that we have addressed the overview of writing and Halloween email, let's move forward. Here are some tips related to the email content that you will love to use and generate leads.

  1. Goal clarity

Before you even begin to think about content ideas for your business or incorporating Halloween themes in your campaign you need to get clear on the "WHY". You need to know the reason you are sending out these emails and the kind of response you expect because it will be crucial to the success of Halloween email marketing.

  1. The Line your customer will first see

Because everyone is looking forward to using the Halloween theme in their business, you need to really stand out and for that, you ultimately need to prepare a subject line that will cater to your audience and get them emotionally vulnerable. A person experiences emotional vulnerability when they are exposed to humor, cry, anger, and more.

  1. Be humorous, but empathetic as well

If you think humor is the core part of Halloween then using it in your Halloween email campaigns will definitely make sense unless you don't stereotype. Stereotyping your customers can result in a negative way because you definitely want to promote your business but at the same time not hurt the feelings of some of your customers. Humor is definitely a risky game, isn't it?

  1. Recommendations and Services

You are obviously writing a copy to include in your Halloween email marketing campaign because you want your products to sell. But you also need to keep in mind the recommendations and the services you are promoting in that particular email because it also needs to align with the theme. An earring seller will obviously promote a cat or a pumpkin-shaped earring for this theme rather than a heart or foodie-shaped earring.

Subject Line For Success

subject life is the very first thing your prospect will take a note of when you land in their inbox. To be precise, think of it as a summary of the whole email in a line. Once your ideal client gets to know the subject line and understands what the email is about, they should be compelled to open the email rather than deleting it right away. On that note, there are a few pointers you need to keep in mind to make your Halloween Email Marketing a success. 

  1. Try keeping the line under 50 characters so that one can read the subject line both on a laptop and mobile.
  2. Never use words that feel like spam. This will severely reduce the conversion rates. 
  3. Promote curiosity in a way that speaks to your ideal client. One of the best ways to do the same is through asking short thought-provoking questions.
  4.  Let the person know the reason for the email and the reason you dropped into their inbox without being spammy or rude. 
  5. Think outside the box and be unique that catches the eye of your lead. One of the ways to do the same is by mentioning your Unique Selling Point

Check out this article to learn more on creating attention grabbing subject lines.

Call To Action And Its Importance

The first step to learning marketing is knowing what is a call to action and how you can effectively use it. Call to action or CTA is an understanding of what to ask your customers after completing something. It has a clear motive behind it. In this case, adding CTA to your Halloween email will drive force to the desired area.  

A call to action will definitely make things easier for your consumer because they will know what to do next. This step will act as an opening for your sales funnel. If the very first step of the Funnel in your Halloween email marketing campaign is to send out the email and then drive traffic to the blog post connected, the CTA would be "Read More", not "Buy Now". 

Then if your customers take it a step forward and reads the connected blog post, they might follow the call to action connected there. Let's take a quick example. When you are in a shop and someone approaches you with a suggestion to try a dress on because they think it will look good on you. In this case, the suggestion would be looked at as a call to action that you thought was genuine but was actually intended. 

Let's take a different approach, you are in the shop and someone approaches you with a different intent. They tell you to buy a particular dress. In this case, you will not think about what the person wants but rather think if the action needs to be taken. Although, in the first case you just got an unbiased suggestion as per your mind.

Effective CTA Optimization

Here are 6 things you need to keep in mind while creating a CTA to optimize it. The goal of a CTA is to get the desired work completed. 

  1. Try to use compelling words in a different format that instantly grabs the attention of customers. 
  2. Try to keep it as short and simple as possible. If you are trying to mention a call to action after every few paragraphs then make sure the CTA is consistent. Remember, one CTA per Halloween email. 
  3. Creating a feeling of urgency will help the call to action to perform better because customers will find it harder to delay it.
  4. Speak only to your ideal subscriber and remove everyone for that particular moment so that you can be personal and precise. 
  5. Try not to add a lot of graphics or text near your call to action button because it will lose its essence and customers with a low focus intensity might not notice it.
  6. Use attention-worthy texts, graphics, and styles that let the client notice it instantly.
  7. Ideally, you should include Two Call To Actions in your email. One at the top or starting of the mail and the second one at the very bottom of the same. And both of these CTAs will be the same. 

To learn more about effectively optimizing CTA and how to increase click rates, check out this article.

15 Halloween Email Designs to take Inspiration from:

Here are 15 examples that’ll provide you a better insight into creating your own email. Refer to the text above images to know what made them catch our eye. And we also have a surprise for you, read on to know it. 

1. Funny Postables Email

 Fun and Spooky at the same time. This is a template of email Marketing by Postable. If you have ever wanted to have fun in a spooky way that no one could think of then you’ll love this email that efficiently lets you know the offer and provides a mysterious and fun vibe due to the added gif.   

Halloween Design by Postables

2. Satisfaction By EmailMonks

Once you see this next image, you’ll be satisfied and curious. If you want your subscribers to stay with you forever then use this type of mysterious theme that’ll leave you questioning for more and compel you to visit the place again. This is the Halloween-themed template for EmailMonks customers. Notice how Halloween is related to fear and before we start anything new we all have fear. So they have correlated human behavior with the festival.

Halloween Design by EmailMonks

3. Land’s End Halloween Email

The use of Magic and Spells on Halloween are like a cherry on top of ice cream. Halloween is generally incomplete without a conversation about magic and even exists. You just can’t resist being drawn towards it. Notice the copy in the image below that excites you every time you have a look at it.

Halloween Design by Lands End

4. Relaxation By Lush

Treating yourself on one of the spookiest nights calls for great Halloween marketing. Check out this relaxed Halloween email campaign. This is a Halloween email marketing template by Lush. Once you get tired after whole days of work and interacting with children you need to relax. and this is exactly what the beauty products by Lush are dedicated to.

Halloween Design by Lush

5. Adventures From Spooky Stats

Adventure-filled activities and a night full of great stories is the thought you’ll get once you see this Halloween email campaign. Ready for a deadly night? An Outdoor platform where you can be safe and enjoy nature. Notice this attention-worthy email. 

Halloween Design by AirBnB

6. Soothing Vector Fever

Pumpkin-filled Halloween and stories about witches are enough to scare off people. This Halloween email template uses the scariest part of witches and presents it in a calming way that is easy on kids and still delivers results. 

Halloween Email Design

7. Halloween Email Marketing By Jack threads

The next is a short, sweet, and easy to read message with a Call To Action that saves the customer hassle of thinking what to do next. If you are not really good are creating graphics but you also need to take the advantage of coming up on holidays then this is the ultimate inspiration for your Halloween email campaign.

Halloween Design by Jack Threads

8. Starbucks Perspective

 It is a great place to have a peaceful time, but this time Starbucks topped their game with this Halloween email marketing strategy. It is eye-catching enough for kids and is also a definite gift for parents to take their children out at night for trick and treat. 

Halloween Design by Starbucks

9. The Witching Hours Mail

Halloween is about ghosts and rumor has it that they tend to watch you. But what if you get a new dress and everyone watches. The dress everyone will love is the main focus of the Halloween Email Campaign. But what if it also gives you the chills when you keep looking at it and the picture slightly moves? Check it out. 

Halloween Design by The Witching Hours

10. Soothing LOFT Email

What would you do for a Halloween email campaign if your customer is a tooth but you aren’t sure if they like this festival? Let’s see a Halloween Email template that plays it safe. This email will provide you comfort and it is not scary at all therefore children will be drawn to it much more.

Halloween Design by LOFT

11. Painting Halloween Email Clinique

 Be it a male or a female, everyone rejoices when you finally have an occasion to paint your face and scare off everyone. This Halloween email will be a gift for your eyes as a Halloween enthusiast. Here’s a deadly combo of discount and face painting. The particular store provides a lot of services but is right now focusing on just one service that will help them generate more profit this holiday.

Halloween Design by Clinique

12. Spooky Mail From New Look

 Kids love Halloween the most because this is one day that every child can demand sweets or an act unapologetically. It is a platform where a person comes to shop. And shoppers love discounts. Read on the cool and mystery-driven email.

Halloween Design by New Look


13. MANGO Email Marketing

 Regular pictures to a Halloween-themed party wear dresses that will soothe your eyes and provide calm in this dark festival. Kids love to shop where there is a Dracula theme in the store. Parents will also love to see their child and a great dress that could be used again even after Halloween. 

Halloween Design by MANGO

14. Eye Catching J. crew

Take the core of your email and jazz it up with some Halloween vegetables. Minimalism is a lifestyle choice that many are trying to adopt. Subtle graphics work well in front of a minimalistic audience. 

Halloween Design by J.CREW

15. WHISTLEFLISH Halloween Email Template

This is a great example for Halloween email templates that is soothing to your soul and pocket as it compels you to use the mystery discount applicable at checkout. Have fun shopping while the mystery remains open until the end. Check out the great Halloween email by WHISTLEFISH.

Halloween Design by WHISTLEFISH

Soon it will be the end of the article, but before that, here is your surprise. This section includes the link to 5 suggested Canva templates that you can use to have a spooky event. Here are the Halloween Email Templates you’ll love to use. 


We hope that you loved reading this email and gained a lot of insights and steps that you can use to potentially that this season and create an engaging and personalize Halloween email marketing strategy. Do remember that Halloween is a festival of joy and scare. You need to personalize it as per your business and product. In the end, definite and easy call-to-action that drives customer and delivers the definite result you hoped for.


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