All you need to know about Holiday Email Marketing + MORE!

The Holiday season is a massive opportunity for any business. But it doesn't end there- the competition is just as big. So before you start planning your holiday email marketing campaigns, check out our holiday email examples below for some inspiration for your Holiday Email Marketing.

The Holiday season is one of the busiest seasons all around the world. In addition to being the most joyous season of the year, the holiday season is one of the biggest opportunities for online stores to get revenue.

Last year, eCommerce sales during the holiday season brought in a revenue upwards of $123 Billion in the US alone. Imagine how much it would amount to if the rest of the world was included.

The Holiday season is a massive opportunity for any business. But it doesn't end there- the competition is just as big. So before you start planning your holiday email marketing campaigns, check out our holiday email examples below.

So, to help your holiday emails stand out, here are some tips along with some inspiring holiday email campaigns.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why send holiday email campaigns?
  3. Tips for boosting sales with holiday email marketing
  4. Holiday Email Examples you want to implement
    a. Black Friday
    b. Thanksgiving
    c. 4th of July
    d. Christmas
    e. St. Patricks Day
    f. Halloween
    g. Cyber Monday
    h. Valentines Day
  5. Conclusion

Why send holiday email campaigns?

The holiday season presents businesses with an opportunity to make up for lower sales earlier in the year.

Ever since 2002, Holiday Sales have increased. With the rampant improvement in technology, more and more people have employed shopping online. Shopping online not only saves time but also the stress of wondering if the products you want are sold-out or not.

Ever since people started shopping online, email marketing has proven to always be better than any other form of marketing. I mean come on, $38-$42 return on every dollar spent, that’s unbeatable.

Holiday email marketing is an excellent approach to begin generating interest and capturing a portion of that revenue.

You may reach out to your most engaged audience – your existing customers and subscribers — via email, and you can also design campaigns to contact leads. The key to conversions is to show any of these populations the value that your store provides, especially during the holiday season.

Tips for boosting sales with holiday email marketing

1. Plan ahead of time

The holiday season will sneak up on you swiftly and will pass you by. You must plan ahead of time for your email marketing. It's not enough to have a broad outline and trust that your inventory is properly logged and that everyone is on the same page when it comes to logistics. Because this is a money-making season, optimizing prospects for success through careful advance planning will result in higher returns and fewer mistakes.

Retailers put up holiday decorations early for a reason. Customers that receive your emails in a timely manner are more likely to purchase and avoid waiting until the last minute. Also, while you plan your holiday strategy, don't forget to incorporate the learnings from your previous promotions. It's best to think about the current fiscal year, but the previous one is just as important.

2. Use segmentation and targeting to deliver relevance.

Update your lists, broaden them, and double-check them – the holiday season isn't the same for everyone (Middle East, India). Make sure you send your subscribers the appropriate seasonal greetings. The last thing you want is to turn away a potential consumer because your theme isn't appealing to them.

You should also make sure that only people who actually want to read your emails receive them. Based on regions, demographics, consumer behavior, interests, and more. 

Segmenting allows you to target relevant people who are more likely to be interested in your holiday products. The more effectively you can segment and cluster your email lists, the more successful they will be.

3. Make your email marketing more personalized.

Personalized emails, as well as a relevant Call To Action, is crucial if you want to offer the right products to the correct subscribers. The holiday season is a great opportunity to make use of historical customer data. 

Targeted, tailored email advertisements increase client engagement by 74% and had a 26% better chance of being opened, according to marketers.

In a crowded inbox full of similar offers, a creative subject line makes your email stand out. However, personalization does not end with the subject and text.

Other effective strategies to personalize and modify your Holiday email marketing include segmenting your email lists to reach your target audiences more efficiently, emails prompted by consumer action, and responsive email layout.

4. Use emojis in your subject line to increase open rates.

Adding a little fun to your titles is another way to take customization to the next level. Because emojis have been trendy, capitalizing on the trend can boost the success of your campaign significantly. 

When brands used an emoji in the subject line, they witnessed a 56 percent rise in unique open rates, although only 2% of brands did so last year.

This holiday shopping season is an ideal moment to establish your strategy and to set your emails apart from the others. When using emoticons, keep in mind that emojis may appear differently on different platforms. Some may not display them at all. Test the emojis you choose to ensure that they are as universally compatible as possible. 

Be sure to check out this article to know more tips on creating attention grabbing subject lines.

5. Create a holiday gift guide

Although people love to shop during the holiday season, many of us face the problem of having too much choice.

Having too much to choose from can be a problem as it becomes difficult to decide what to get for our friends and family. The best way to combat this issue is to create a gift guide.

Send a personalized gift idea to your customers saying this is what you should buy for your kids or your wife. 

Holiday Email Examples you want to implement

Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest holiday seasons in the US. It comes right after Thanksgiving. Although retail sales have been going down due to covid, online sales have surged significantly. Black Friday alone accounts for about $8 billion in sales. It is one holiday you don’t want to miss.

Here are some Black Friday Email Examples you can take inspiration from

1. Deals are Coming by Google:

Google never fails to surprise us. As always, they went ahead and decided to send their subscribers an early Black Friday email to notify customers about what products are going to be on sale and when!

They have also optimized their CTA by cleverly wording it “Get a sneak peek”. This creates a sense of urgency and makes people want to list out all the items they intend to purchase ahead of time.

Email Template by Google

2. Bose with the reminder

Reminding people that the sale is ending is a great way to squeeze in some last-minute purchases. Bose has sent their subscribers the last reminder email, reminding them that the offers last only a few more hours.

Their cleverly designed catalog of all the 5-star rated items, along with the sense of urgency created by reminding customers that only a few hours remain is something you want to pick up.

Email Template by Bose

Check out this article for more Black Friday Email Templates.


Thanksgiving is more of a feast than a shopping season. But that doesn’t mean you can not do email marketing. 

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for restaurants to push out sales through takeout orders. And what better way to do that than email marketing.

Here are some Thanksgiving email examples that look delicious.

1. Get Pie by Postmates

Thanksgiving dinner is notorious for being awful and filled with family drama. Postmates realized that this is a problem the younger generations face a lot and hence decided to do something about it.

They cleverly constructed their email marketing strategy by humorously talking about how nosy relatives can be during thanksgiving dinner.

Say bye to your family after dinner and get pie because there’s nothing pie can’t fix!

Email Template by Postmates

2. Did you run today? By Tracksmith

We all know a thanksgiving dinner can be a lot of unwarranted calories. You gotta burn it somehow, right?

Tracksmith realized this is an issue and decided to email their customers with a small survey along with the irresistible early access to Black Friday discounts. Wouldn’t want to miss that now do you?

Email Template by Tracksmith

Check out this article for more Thanksgiving Email Templates.

4th of July

4th July although only celebrated in the USA, it is still a great time to employ email marketing

Here are some email marketing strategies employed by businesses for the 4th of July.

1. Stay Safe tips by Airbnb

Airbnb decided to send out emails with tips to stay safe during their customer’s trip for the 4th of July.

This is a great example of how the company cares for its customers. It sends out a message that their customers mean something to them and that their safety is their top priority.

Email Template by Airbnb

2. Schedule a ride by Uber

The fireworks on the 4th of July are fabulous! That is if you have the time to focus on it. 

Uber realized this is a problem many people faced and decided to combat it wisely. They cleverly sent out email marketing campaigns to their subscribers asking them to schedule a ride so they can focus on the fireworks stress-free!

Uber’s email is a perfect example of how implementing gifs can make the email look so much more appealing.

Email Template by Uber


Christmas is one of the busiest seasons all around the world. It is also a gift giving season, meaning alot of shopping!

The Christmas season is one of the peak selling seasons for businesses all around the world. So, here are some amazing Christmas newsletters you might want to look at while you prepare yours!

1. The joy of Sharing with Starbucks and UberEats

Christmas is a season of giving and sharing. Starbucks and UberEats decided to collaborate together to promote sharing.

They cleverly employed the holiday spirit of giving by encouraging their customers to order a coffee and share the promo codes they received with friends and family.

Email Template by Starbucks

2. Holiday Ornaments by H&Co

One of the main spirits of the Christmas season is the decorations. The family gets together and decorates their Christmas tree with ornaments and lights.

H&Co decided to use this tradition to their advantage and push out some ornaments and decorations. I mean, who wouldn’t want 250 decorative items for just $49.

Email Template by H&Co

For more Christmas Email Templates, be sure to check out this article.

St. Patricks Day

Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. 

St. Patrick’s day is widely celebrated in Ireland, the USA, and many other countries. As it is an Irish festive, people spend this holiday mainly drinking Irish Beer and Irish Whiskey.

Here are some inspiring St. Patrick’s Day email templates you might want to copy.

1. Paddy Hard by Postmates

As the holiday spirit is drinking Irish beer, Postmates decided to do just that! By advertising Irish beer with good food, Postmates are in full swing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the right way!

Email Template by Postmates

2. Irish Martini recipe by Kahlúa

There’s really nothing much to say here. Giving out recipes is a great way to increase liquor sales. I mean who wouldn’t want to taste an authentic Irish Cold Brew Martini.

With a cleverly constructed email template, and perfectly placed Call-To Action Khalúa is killing it with their email marketing.

Email Template by Kahlua


Halloween is a great festival for everyone. Kids go door to door for trick or treat and teenagers enjoy themselves with scary movies and haunted houses.

The US spends over $8million on Halloween shopping alone which clearly means that planning and shopping is a much bigger part of Halloween than going to A Haunted House or hearing stories about witches.

Here are some email campaign templates to take inspiration from. Try not to get spooked by it!

1. Candy for Breakfast by Magic Spoon

Candy is a big part of Halloween. But can you eat it for breakfast?

With this new cereal by Magic Spoon, apparently, you can!

Email Template by Magic Spoon

2. Treat yourself by Airbnb

Giving treats to children trick or treating can be exhausting and repetitive. Why not try something new this year, like treating yourself! 

Airbnb came up with a clever email marketing strategy by advertising some spooky stays. Are you up for the challenge of exploring these chilling stays?

Email Template by Airbnb

Cyber Monday

Just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a marketing term for eCommerce transactions that take place the Monday following Thanksgiving in the United States. It was a term coined by retailers to encourage consumers to shop online.

Just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday also faces a huge number of online sales. It is the perfect opportunity to keep the holiday hype going after Black Friday.

1. The Final Countdown by Designmodo

Designmodo is doing it right, from their cleverly constructed deal to the bold countdown until the sale begins.

Adding a countdown is a great way to create hype and get people excited.

Email Template by Designmodo

2. Cyber Monday, because you missed Black Friday by GFDA

GFDA’s made everyone feel amused with their cleverly constructed Cyber Monday email. Well, it is the same email they sent for Black Friday, but with everything struck out.

Goes to show that humor can be implemented cleverly in email marketing. Take notes!

Email Template by GFDA

Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is a day of love. It is also a day where people gift stuff to their significant other. As a business, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to increase your sales.

Here are some Valentine’s Day Email Examples you can use.

1. Reservations with Yelp

Getting a dinner reservation can be hard. Most couples like to go out for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Yelp decided to make use of the opportunity to advertise that you can book reservations for dinner through their app. They have perfectly optimized their call-to-action with bold characters. Yelp even went as far as adding steps to convince their subscribers how easy it is to reserve a seat.

Email Template by Yelp

2. Love in a box by Jeni’s

Everyone loves ice cream. It is by far the safest gift to give to your significant other. Jeni’s have cleverly crafted a beautiful email template with a perfectly placed CTA to order their ice cream.

A perfect example of minimal email content. As you can see below, they haven’t stuffed the newsletter with too much information.

This is one email, that can not go wrong!

Email Template by Jenis


The holiday season is a great opportunity to increase your sales. Even if you miss one or even two, there are a ton of holidays out there that you can focus on.

Whatever occasion you're commemorating, there's always something you can do to get a leg up on the competition.

Now that you have the facts, it's time to begin optimizing your holiday email marketing strategy and ensuring that it's set up to get the results you desire. Start by looking through emails from stores similar to yours to see how you can improve your marketing.

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