Everything about Reminder Emails + 14 Reminder Email Samples

Reminder Emails are a great way to keep your audience engaged and make sure that you have their attention. In this article, we discuss everything about reminder emails. It also include 14 Reminder Email Template Examples for you to take inspiration from!

Have you ever set up an important event only to worry about whether people will show up? Perhaps the date of registration or invitation is too far away from the date of the event itself. Or maybe it’s a new client you’re interacting with, and you don’t want to come off as too pushy. Well, while these are all understandable concerns, there is a simple and yet professional solution to all these worries.


So what exactly are reminder emails?


Reminder emails are a simple way of ensuring that you still have the audience’s attention well after your invitation has been accepted. When done right, your reminder email will make you appear professional and courteous while still ensuring that your meeting or event will take place as planned, and your audience might even be appreciative of it. 

  1. How are Reminder Emails helpful?
  2. Why should you send reminder emails?
  3. How to draft a reminder email?
  4. Appropriate time to send reminder emails
  5. Types of Reminder Emails
    a. Event Reminder
    b. Sales / Promotional Reminder
    c. Webinar Reminders
    d. Subscription Reminder
  6. 14 Reminder Email Example Templates
  7. Conclusion

How are reminder emails helpful? 

Reminder emails do just what the name suggests, remind people. A friendly reminder email goes a long way. You can use reminder emails for a lot of purposes, may be an upcoming event, or an upcoming meeting.

But, reminding people about the event is equally important. Sometimes, it may not even be an event. It may just be that your correspondence needs a reply, but you’re unsure about how to ask the other person to respond.

You want to ensure that your audience has your attention, and a friendly reminder email is just the way to do it. Your goal, after all, is to capture attention and to be mutually clear in all communication. 

Why should you send reminder emails?

Events do not end at registration. If you consider you succeeded after an event registration, you are wrong.

Event registration doesn't mean you have reached your goal. There is a lot more to it. What if the event is 1 or 2 months away.

People are going to forget about it and even the fact they registered for it.

You have to keep your audience engaged. The best way to do it is to send reminder emails. Keep them updated, send them details about the event, guest speakers, activities, host, etc. 

The best part is, you can automate this entire process using MuxEmail. You can set up the emails and automate them to be sent prior to the event.

How to draft a reminder email

Always keep your reminder emails short and to the point. Don't stray away from the principal aspect of the email-- to remind! Be assertive, but avoid coming off as rude. Being impolite will get your emails dismissed.

Keeping a formal tone is always safe when sending reminder emails.

Let's go step-by-step on how to draft a successful reminder email.

1. Subject Line

Be clear in the subject line. Don't get too crafty. The objective of the email is to remind. Mention what the email is about in the email subject.

Here are some examples you can use

  • Reminder: Unpaid Invoice
  • Late Payment | Reminder
  • Reminder: Webinar scheduled for 9th Sept
  • Reminder: The sale ends in 3 days!

Here's an article with more tips on creating attention grabbing subject line. Be sure to check it out so you can employ these techniques into your email marketing.

2. Keep it Consice

The objective of a reminder email is to remind. Just reminding. Nothing more, nothing less. So, keep the email message short and simple. 

Do just that. Don't bombard your audience with unnecessary information or essays. Include details that are relevant to the event. The people that registered for the event already know about it. That is why they enrolled for the event. All you have to do is remind them about it. Make sure to use a friendly tone as you don't want to come off as rude

3. Responsive Design

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make is not making sure if their emails work on all devices.

As of 2021, 81% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. As per studies, 80% of people delete emails that are not responsive. As a business owner, you do not want that.

You put in so much time and effort into making sure your email looks good and is visually appealing, but in the end, if it does not work on mobile phones and tablets, it’s all a waste.

Always, ALWAYS, make sure your emails are responsive and appealing to mobile users. With MuxEmail, you don’t have to worry about your emails being responsive. All templates created on our platform are responsive by default and you can even check how your emails look on a mobile device as shown below.

MuxEmail Responsive Design

4. Don’t get too fancy

There is no need to stuff the email with a lot of graphics. It truly doesn’t help anyone. If the design is too fancy and a lot of details are stuffed, people can miss the CTA.

The CTA should be large and clear. Your customers should be able to understand what the email is about with just one glance. Nobody has the time to sit and read through an email.

People spend an average of 1.1 minutes per email. Make sure your content is digestible within the same amount of time.

Appropriate Time to Send Reminder Email

Now that we have discussed how and why you should send a reminder email- let's tackle the problem of when is the perfect time to send it?

Sending a friendly reminder email at the right time is very important. It can improve your open rates and event participants.

We believe you should send at least three reminder emails.

  • A week before the event
  • A day before the event
  • On the day of the event

This way, your participants will not be annoyed by the constant barrage of reminder emails. They will have enough time to mark their calendars.

Make sure to schedule these emails to be sent between 10 AM and 12 PM as that is when most people will have settled into their offices and are working.

Types of Reminder Emails

1. Event Reminder

This is a reminder message to your audience about an upcoming event.

You want to add details such as venue, date, time, and even activities of the event.

You could also make a detailed event itinerary and send that as a reminder. It's a good idea to include an itinerary so your participants know what to expect.

2. Sales/Promotional Reminder

These emails are to remind your subscribers about a Sale or a Promotional offer you are giving out. 

Missing out on a sale you really wanted hurts! Everyone has been a victim of forgetting about a sale or a promotion. 

Show that you care by sending out reminder emails about a sale that is going to end soon. It will bring a newfound appreciation among customers for your brand for taking the time to remind them about the Sale.

3. Webinar Reminder

Ever since Covid, a lot of events such as educational talks or programs are being conducted online. Even though people register, they forget about the webinar.

Precisely why you need to send reminder emails to your participants about the webinar. Webinar reminder emails are a great way to get the desired participants to show up to your webinar.

I personally am a victim of having registered for a webinar and not attending due to forgetfulness. You don't want your registrants to face the same issue. 

Be sure to include details such as webinar link, time, and list of speakers. You can even attach a link that saves the date on Google Calendar.

4. Subscription Reminder

Subscription Reminder emails remind your customers about their upcoming reorders.

This will give them the opportunity to either edit their subscription plan or leave them as is.

Subscription reminders are a great way to get your customers to renew their subscriptions one more time or, even better, upgrade their existing plans.

14 Reminder Email Samples you can copy.

Here are 14 reminder email templates you can take inspiration from.

1. Duolingo’s Daily Reminder

Learning a new language can be tough! Fitting the time in your busy schedule to learn a new language can be even tougher.

That is why Duolingo decided to send a daily reminder to their customers about their progress and to keep continuing. This brings in a sense of accountability and helps people spend five minutes of their day learning a new language.

Reminder Email Example by Duolingo

2. Include the list of speakers

Invision has done the right thing by including the list of speakers that are going to be present during the event.

If the panelist looks interesting, then people are sure to mark their calendars for your event. Listing out the speakers that are going to be present at the event is a great way to get your desired audience. 

Listing the panelist is good because it sets expectations. The participants will know what to expect from the event. This is a great way to get your desired audience.

Reminder Email Example by Invision

3. Include a Countdown in your Reminder

Using a countdown in your invitation reminder emails creates a sense of urgency for your audience.

Below, an event reminder email sample with a countdown that you can copy for your upcoming reminder emails.

Reminder Email Example by Zapier

4. Include Link to Save the Date on Google Calendar

Apple has shown us how to do it. Just like their phones, their reminder email is sleek and minimalistic.

You don’t have to get fancy while reminding your registrants. Including a link that saves the date on Google Calendar is a great way to make sure your audience doesn’t forget about the event.

Make sure to highlight the link with a CTA in your email. You don’t want your audience to miss the link!

Reminder Email Example by Apple

5. Trip Reminder Email

Trip reminders are a great way to remind your customers about details such as time and other essential details.

It is also a great way to make additional sales by advertising your perks and add-ons. Below you can see Frontier reminding their customers about both departure and return flights along with a checklist of items they may want to carry with them.

They have also made sure to optimize the email by including a CTA to add additional perks to their flight.

Reminder Email Example by Frontier

6. Google’s Sale Reminder

A Sale reminder is a great way to remind your customers about a sale that’s going to end.

It is great to remind customers about your sale because many times, they may know about the sale but forget when it is going to end.

Sale Reminders are a great way to get that extra sale. Below is an example of a Sale Reminder done right by Google.

Reminder Email Example by Google

7. Reminder to change details

A lot of the time people order stuff, but to the wrong address. Maybe they moved from their previous address. Maybe they wanted to send a gift to someone else and forgot to change their address back. There’s a lot of possibilities.

All these situations can be avoided with a simple reminder email. Reminding your customers that their item is going to be shipped soon is a great way to see if there are any last-minute changes to be done.

Below we have Chewy reminding their customers that they still have 3 days left to make changes.

Reminder Email Example by Chewy

8. Account Safety Reminder Email

People generally only use one password for their accounts. However, in this day and age, your accounts are not safe with just one password. It is better to have a Two-Factor Authentication also implemented.

Below we have Fortnite reminding its player base to fortify their account by adding a Two-Factor Authentication. They have also gone the extra mile by warning people not to share any sensitive information.

Reminder Email Example by Fortnite

9. Notifying the participants that the event is live

When you’re holding physical events, your participants are in the room and they can see when the presentation is starting. What about online events?

Your webinar’s audience needs to know when the presentation is starting too.

Send webinar reminder emails to inform your registrants that your webinar is live, and they can join the presentation.

Reminder Email Example by Chimp Essentials

10. Due Payment Reminder

People in their busy schedules forget about payments that are due. A due payment could mean penalties and you don’t want your customers to be dissatisfied because they forgot to clear a debt.

Due Payment reminders are a great way to remind your customers about credit card payments that are pending.

Below we have Outdoorsy reminding their customers about a pending security deposit they need to make.

Reminder Email Example by Outdoorsy

11. The final day of Sale

We have already discussed why a reminder about a sale is so important. What’s even more important is reminding customers again that it is the last day.

This creates a sense of urgency as they may never get the items they need on Sale ever again. Sending a reminder on the Final Day that the sale is going to end is a really great way to squeeze in that extra last-day sales.

Below we have Aether Apparel reminding their audience that the sale is going to end, and it is the last day they can enjoy the offer.

Final Day Sale Reminder Email Example

12. Abandoned Cart Reminder

A lot of the time we add something to our carts, get carried away or interrupted, and forget about the items we wanted to purchase. Abandoned carts are the worst, both for business as well as the customers.

Customers don’t get to enjoy the product they wanted to purchase that was on sale, and the business will suffer a loss of a potential customer.

All this can be avoided with a simple Abandoned Cart Reminder email. Send your customer a reminder that they have added items to their carts and not proceeded with their orders.

Below we have an example of an abandoned cart email from Public Rec.

Abandoned Cart Reminder Email

13. Reminder for Inactive Users

I’m sure many of us have faced an issue where we have a large number of subscribers that do not interact with our emails.

Send them a reminder email with a CTA to stay on the mailing list. This is a great way to weed out all the inactive users and get better engagement in the future.

Below we have Udemy sending out their Reminder for Inactive subscribers to take action. They have optimized their CTA to be simple and visible and it is something that you can take inspiration from.

Check out this article to learn more about effectively optimizing CTA to increase your click rates.

Reminder Email Example by Udemy

14. Registration Reminder

Ever wanted to go to an event for the longest time but missed the registration date? Yea, I know that feeling. 

If you want maximum participation for your event, you want to make sure people don’t forget to register for it. A reminder email is a great way to remind your subscribers that the event registration is open.

You can take inspiration from the below event registration reminder sent by Google to their subscribers.

Reminder Email Example by Google


All of us sometime in the past have registered for an event or webinar and forgot about it.

The same could happen to your registrants. This can be avoided with a simple email reminding them about the event or the sale. 

Organizing an event already costs too much time and money. You don't want all the preparations to go to waste. A simple reminder email can avoid these hiccups.
Also, with MuxEmail, you can automate the entire process as you cant risk forgetting to send reminder emails!

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