Restaurant Email Marketing: Tips to create an effective email marketing strategy for more customers

Tips and Strategies to Improve your Restaurant Email Marketing along with some Email Examples.

Many restaurant owners or managers have trouble getting new customers in the door with fierce competition in the industry. Marketing for Restaurants has evolved over the years, but the email marketing strategy is one of the best and effective marketing strategies to attract potential customers and retain existing customers.

So, if you haven’t included a restaurant email marketing campaign in your marketing strategies until now and don’t know how to create an effective email marketing strategy?

Dive into this article and discover some of the best restaurant email marketing tips and strategies.

  1. 5 Reasons why you should invest in Restaurant Email Marketing
  2. 6 Effective Ways to build Email List for Restaurant Email Marketing
  3. Restaurant Email Marketing tips to achieve best results
  4. Email Marketing Strategies for your Restaurant
    - Promotional Offers
    - Event
    - Limited-Time offers
  5. 7 Restaurant Email Marketing Campaigns to take Inspiration from
  6. Conclusion

5 Reasons why you should invest in Restaurant Email Marketing


1. Emails give you direct access to your customers

Emails are one of the best ways to engage with your customers directly.

In the year 2020, there were about 4 billion email users and expected to increase to 4.6 billion users by 2025.

Email marketing is the oldest and efficient digital marketing strategy to approach your customers and establish a brand presence in the market.


2. Email marketing helps nurture your relationship with customers

Personalized restaurant email marketing campaigns are a way to maintain a strong relationship with your regular customers.

For example, send a personalized email having a discount offer on the customer's favorite food based on the order history.

Sending newsletters with the new menu and offers to the existing customers is a great way to keep them updated.

For potential customers, send offers for their first order and other coupons they can use later.


3. Email Marketing allows segmentation and personalization

You don’t have to send the same content to all your customers.

Segmentation is one of the best restaurant email marketing strategies; that allows you to build an email list using various metrics such as order history and interest.

For example, your restaurants serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. You can build an email list based on the food preferences of your customers. 

Do not forget to include the option of food preference in the signup form.


4. Email marketing campaigns are effective with automation

Email marketing saves time over traditional marketing.

Email automation allows you to set up emails based on various metrics and triggers.

There is no need for a person to send an email every time someone signs up. Set a trigger to send an automated welcome email. 

Similarly, you can set up automated emails for other triggers such as coupons for only new customers.

5. Email Marketing is cost-effective

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies to increase ROI if done right.

Email marketing is cost-effective as you don’t need to spend money on prints, advertising, and media. You also drive traffic to your websites through email marketing.

The cost of your restaurant email marketing campaign depends on the platform you use.

6 Effective ways to build Email List for Restaurant Email Marketing

1.      Contact Form on reservation page of the website

Create a contact form on the reservation page to collect emails.

Provide something of value in exchange, like coupons or offers.

Sometimes If you don’t have any available tables and have a waitlist, ask for emails to inform the availability of tables.

Offer early booking for special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s eve.

2.      Call to action on digital menu 

 Many people explore menus of various restaurants to order food online.

Offer instant discounts and coupons upon signing up for the newsletter.

A call to action on the digital menu is a great way to convert a potential customer into a buyer.

Check out this article to learn tips to increase your click rates by optimizing your call to actions from

3.      Follow up message after online order

From the online food order, you are most likely to have their email address if not send them a follow-up message to ask for feedback, with an opt-in form to avail discount on the next order.

4.      Website Popups

Website popups are a great way to get users to subscribe for future offers or the newsletter.

But, sometimes website popups can be overwhelming and annoying for users especially when they appear at the beginning of the session.

It is crucial to create popups that grab the user’s attention and offer something valuable in return.

Make sure to display the website popups after a few seconds of site navigation.


5.      Referral links

Collecting emails via referral links is beneficial to establish your presence in the market.

Add referral links in welcome emails and thank you emails or newsletters.

Offer some incentive like a coupon or pass to the VIP area of your restaurant to motivate them to share the links with friends and family.


6.      Social media

Retarget your social media audience to build an email list.

Direct your social media audience to your website.

Social Media marketing surely generates leads, but social media platforms keep updating the algorithms, due to which you might lose your account and boom! Your audience is gone.

Use social media like Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your website to generate new leads.

Restaurant Email Marketing tips to achieve best results


Define Your Goals 

Email campaigns can help you achieve various goals. So, it is crucial to determine your goals to measure the success of a marketing campaign.

In the case of restaurant email marketing, your goals can be

·         To keep customers up to date with new menus and discount offers      

·         Increase Online sales

·         Drive traffic to the website to attract customers to the restaurant

·         Invitation for the events

·      Goal setting is the first and crucial part of email marketing to decide what types of campaigns you are going to design.

Understand the type of email campaigns you want to design

There are various types of email marketing campaigns you can send to your subscribers. The type of email campaign you want to create depends entirely on your marketing goals.

Here are some types of emails you can send to the subscribers of your email list

Newsletter campaigns –  Newsletters are a great way to keep your existing customers up-to-date about the new additions to your menu or upcoming events.

You can send weekly or monthly newsletters to make your customers keep coming back to your website.

Promotional Offers -  Marketing offers can be sent to potential customers to let them know about your new offers and discounts.

Later in this article, you’ll discover some email strategies you can use in promotional offer campaigns.

Announcements– In the announcement campaigns, you let your customers know about some new services or the product you are going to offer.

For example, You can announce the news that your restaurant is going to start serving vegan food.

Create campaigns that are easy to read 

Creating compelling content is crucial if you want users to take action. Use visual content like images and videos to grab the user's attention and focus on the key points.

Create personalization email campaigns based on previous purchases and use tools like MuxEmail to design personalized emails.

Create Mobile-optimized emails

According to this research, half of the web traffic is generated from mobile devices. Make sure

Your emails are mobile-optimized and can be used from mobile devices. Use this drag and drop tool to design mobile-optimized emails.

Analyze your results

It is essential to analyze your results after creating your first email campaign.  You can measure your results on your email tool or Google Analytics.

You can find the results for your email campaign in the reports, you can measure the results based on the following metrics

Open rate – Open rate is one of the most important metrics in email marketing, it shows how many subscribers opened your email.

Bounce rate – This metric will show you the number of emails that did not reach the subscriber’s inbox.

CTR(Click Through Rate) – This report will help you monitor the number of clicks on the link mentioned in the email.

Unsubscribe rates – This is the percentage of users who unsubscribed from your email list.

These metrics will help you measure your success and how your subscribers are reacting to your campaigns. You can compare these results with your other campaigns and figure out what type of campaign will work for your business.

You can also monitor the traffic from email campaigns to your website using Google Analytics.


Restaurant Email Marketing strategies to create effective email marketing campaigns

Promotional Offers

Promotional offers are a great way to attract customers to your restaurants. Personalized offers for regular or VIP customers based on order history and interests will make them feel appreciated.

Send Gift cards with a newsletter when holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are around the corner.

Promotional offers create a buzz among the customers and attract new customers.

Restaurant Email Marketing Example



Who doesn’t like some entertainment with some tasty food?

Organizing community events like office parties gives you a chance to build a relationship with the community.

Schedule entertaining events, like live music and stand-up comedy on weekends which makes your visitors stay longer and purchase more.

Send invitation cards for the events with some discounts and offers for early reservations for the events.

Restaurant Email Marketing Example

Limited – Time Offers

Limited-time discounts instigate curiosity among customers to get the offer before it is gone.

Offer limited-time discounts on some of the best meals and dishes of your restaurant.

Also, give limited-time offers to join the VIP customers list of your restaurant to enjoy more benefits in the future or on passes for special events.

Send Birthday Gift cards

Who doesn’t like a special treat on a birthday?

Send a  birthday newsletter with a gift card or a portion of free food to make them feel special.

They are going to feel like family and appreciate the gesture. Also, they possibly refer you to their friends and family.

Restaurant Email Marketing Example

Wondering how you will remember the birthday of every customer?

Email marketing tools allow you to set triggers to send an email on special occasions and birthdays to appreciate your customers and maintain a strong relationship.

Incorporate restaurant email marketing with other marketing strategies

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy to attract new customers, but combining it with other marketing strategies can bring more customers in the door.

Combine Social Media marketing with email marketing to convert more potential customers into buyers and increase sales.

You can use paid ads to target specific audience to reach potential customers in two ways

1.Use your email list to target this specific audience with paid ads on social media to increase sales.

2.Build email lists through paid social media ads and utilize your social advertising budget.  

7 Restaurant Email Marketing Campaigns to take Inspiration from


1.       New Online Services

Create a campaign similar to what is shown in the image to introduce your new online services and give a valuable message that ensures that food is ready to eat and is safely cooked at home.

This message indicates that the restaurant cares about the safety of its customers and prepares their meals with hygiene at home.

Restaurant Email Marketing Example

2.       Takeout Menu

Send a newsletter with menu items to your customers to save their time at the restaurant. A handy takeout menu with menu items will save your loyal customer’s time in deciding the food. The restaurant is also offering the discount to attract the customer.


Restaurant Email Marketing Example

3. Offers for special occasions of your restaurants

Giving special offers on special occasions to your restaurant makes them feel like a family. This campaign also offers a great deal for the entire month.

Customers will most likely refer to this type of offer to their friends and family.

Restaurant Email Marketing Example

4. Ask for customer’s preference

The campaign shown below is a great example to engage with your customers and ask for their food preference. The campaign also includes a call to action. You can also add a promotional offer to motivate users to take action.


This type of campaign will be helpful to create a segment email list based on food preference.

Restaurant Email Marketing Example

5. Invitation for special event

Invitation with a promotional offer on a variety of cakes will grab potential customer’s attention. This is also an offer for a limited time so customers will like to grab it before it expires.

Restaurant Email Marketing Example

6. Chef’s Special

Email marketing campaigns with chef’s special menu is a way to keep your regular visitors coming to the restaurants. Serving a menu from a famous chef will grab attention from the potential customers. This type of campaign can increase your sales and also convert potential customers to buyers.

7. Kid’s Special 

Which Kid does not like a special treat? Having a kid’s special menu will bring potential customers who could not find a nice place for their kids.

Customers can also organize a birthday party for their kids at your restaurant,which will increase your sale.

Restaurant Email Marketing Example

6 Ways to increase email open rates


Email marketing indeed helps you make a profit and increase ROI.

But what happens when your emails won’t even reach the subscriber's inbox or your customer doesn’t want to open it?

All your efforts in creating an email campaign are blown.

Here are some restaurant email marketing tips to improve email open rates

1. Focus  on your Subject Lines

Write subject lines that stand out in the crowd. Your subject lines are what make subscribers open your emails. Induce curiosity, ask questions, use numbers and facts that interest your subscribers.

Time and time again, I've stressed on how important subject line is. Without a good subject line, your recipients might not even open your email. So, check out this article for tips on creating attention grabbing subject line thats sure to get your recipients to click.

2. Segment lists

Segmentation is one of the best features of email marketing, it allows you to create relevant emails for various types of customers. Use behavior metrics to create content like no. of times the customer has ordered food , Subscriber is a buyer or a potential customer, and much more.

3. Pick the right timing

Perform A/B testing to find the best time when email open rates are high because if the timing is not right, there are chances your email will get lost somewhere in the user's inbox.

4. Avoid mistakes that can land your email in the spam folder

Spam filters do not always work and your emails do not make it to the subscriber's inbox. Avoid mistakes like using unverified domains, make sure all the receivers have subscribed for the emails, always give the option to unsubscribe.

5. Create engaging content

Content is everything. Create content that is relevant to the subject line and focused on the main goal of the email. Make sure your content offers something valuable for the user and has a compelling call to action.

6. Remove Inactive Subscribers

Sometimes subscribers change their email address or do not respond to your email. Remove those subscribers from your email list who have not responded to your emails in the last few months with a goodbye email.




Restaurant email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy to retain existing customers and reach potential customers and increase sales.

Email marketing helps small and medium restaurants establish brand presence in the industry and also gives ideas to potential customers about the quality of your food and services.

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