All about Thank You Emails + 20 Free Thank you Email Templates

Everything you need to know about Thank you Emails. What are they? When to send them? and Why you should send them. Including 20 Free Thank You Email Templates used by famous brands to take inspiration from!

Do you want your customers to remember your business or services? 

Well a great way to do that is sending thank you emails even after a small purchase or just even an inquiry about your services.

It is a brilliant way to build relationships with your customers and can even gain you more business and customer loyalty. Not only that, it's a great way to upsell and cross sell your products and have free marketing for your products, businesses and services.

  1. What is a Thank You Email?
  2. How to say Thank You?
  3. Why should you send Thank You Emails?
  4. When and Who to send a Thank you Email?
  5. How to draft a Thank You Email?
  6. 20 Thank You Email Template Examples 
  7. Conclusion

What is a Thank You Email?

A thank you email is a bridge of relationship that many businesses and services take shelter to when it comes to forming long term relationships and as a part of showing gratitude towards their customers.

A ‘thank you’ email isn’t just an afterthought. It has real value for your business, and if you do it right, it can increase your conversion rate by making customers feel appreciated and honored to be part of your community.

How to say Thank You?

Well thank you is just two simple words that can do all the magic but you need to be a little more creative than that when you are running a business.

Here are some of the ways in which you can dig a little deep just by adding few more words:

  1. Thank you, you're amazing! -- Just a little praise will take you a long way.
  2. Thank you for choosing us/ subscribing to us/ signing up. -- A quick thank you when they are introduced to your brand or service can create a long lasting impression.
  3. Thank you for your order. -- A thank you when they buy your product or choose a service will definitely give them a sense of satisfaction and assurance that they are dealing with the right businesses and that you value your customers.
  4. Thanks again, we couldn't have pulled this off without you. -- A short message after you have done business with help of collaborating with other brands or companies or even a small help from anyone which made you complete your business project or task, can help you create a long term bond and show a sense of gratitude towards them.
  5. Thank you for joining/attending the {..} -- A sweet thank you after they have been just exposed to your brand name can make them remember you for good.
  6. Thanks,{Name}/ A message to {Name} -- when you add a customer's name in that thank you email, you give them a sound sense of importance and make them feel welcomed!
  7. Aww, Thanks/ Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
  8. Did your purchase live upto your expectations?
  9. Thank you for your business{..}
  10. Thank you for travelling/staying with us.

Why should you send Thank you Emails?

You might think that a thank-you email is a piece of cake, or at most a kind gesture. But you’ll be surprised to discover some of the top reasons why you should always say “thank you” with a follow-up message. You never know what might come of a thank-you email. You could be opening the door to a new opportunity, or building a company partnership for life.

Whilst you’re busy planning the next part of your process, planning how to say thank you hasn’t crossed your mind. You’ve contacted us, met with our team and found out what we do...but instead of saying thank you, you’re reading this article.

Showing appreciation for a person’s efforts doesn’t take much time, but it can reap dividends in ways you never expected. “We put a lot of effort into helping your business succeed, and we’re so thrilled to hear your project was such a success! We’ll continue to provide you with excellent service as we always strive to do”. Just take a few seconds to send a personalized email, and you’ll reap the benefits of good karma and possibly even professional networking that leads to business opportunities.

By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll have a plan of action to help you say thank you...and keep your new customer happy.

If you’re looking to build your business network, you should send a thank-you email. It’s that simple. A handwritten note is always appreciated, but an email is always nearby. So whatever your schedule, time zone, or location, send a thank you email today.

When and Who to send a Thank you Email?

Sometimes people forget to say thank you. And that’s why we have a blog – to tell you all the reasons why you should be sending more thank you letters and to help you figure out who they should be sent to.

A successful thank you letter is not something that can be overlooked when it comes to business. When done right, thanks can foster an honest and open relationship with your customers, which in turn leads to better reviews and more praise from individuals who were lucky enough to experience your work. However, writing a good thank you letter is easier said than done.

The ideal time to send a business thank you letter is within 48 hours of doing business with someone. Every now and then, one of your clients does something nice for you. When that happens, the kindest thing that you can do is to write a thank you email. It’s human nature to forget. But it’s not always easy to remember to say thanks. That’s why you need to craft heartfelt messages of gratitude that help your customers connect with your brand on a new, personal level. Surprise your customers, partners, and investors by sending a personalized “Thank You” statement. In today’s competitive world, a personalized note is always appreciated.

Whenever you do business with someone you need to thank them for helping you. The most common people to send “Thank You” letters too are customers, subscribers, partners, and investors.

How to draft a Thank You Email?

Some steps that you can follow while sending a awesome Thank you email are as follows

  •  Know the purpose of your thank you email
  • Start with a greeting
  • Always mention how much you appreciate something
  • Thank them for their time and ask for referrals

Takeaway: A basic email template can be easily used to send out a quick thanks. It doesn't have to be complicated.

20 Thank You Email Template Examples

Here are some samples of thank you emails which you can take inspiration from or you can just visit our website where you can find automated layouts of thank you emails and a complete solution to your email marketing strategy.

1.Thank you for registering email

A great chance of a first impression of your brand or business is when you send them a thank you email right after they register for your product, software, seminar, subscription etc.

As you can see below webaria has done a wonderful job by providing a sleek simple designed thank you email mentioning all the necessary details and a short call to action gift button at the end. Which will definitely make the customer more interested in the brand.

Thank you Email Example

2. Thank you email for ordering/ shopping

Sending a thank you email after a customer has purchased or shipped from your brand helps in leaving a great positive impression.

Some of the benefits which you can provide through these emails include:

  • Offer them discounts and gifts for their next purchase.
  • Invite them for a survey or feedback.
  • Announce giveaways and invite them.
  • Ask for a review of a product that they have recently ordered for.
  • Promote similar products (cross sell and up sell).

           Here's a sample thank you email that you can take inspiration from.

3. Thank you Anniversary Email

Celebrating your brand anniversary by sending a thank you email to your loyal customers will show them a sense of appreciation and will strengthen the bond between.

As you see below a sample thankyou email by crocs wherein they are not only thanking you for being a customer for one year but also providing discounts and benefits. Which is just how good marketing works!

Thank you Email Example

4. Customer appreciation thank you email

Thanking your customer after doing business with them will make them feel cared for. And it also increases the ease of doing business between the two parties and will help you to form a great relationship for the long run.

Say thank you, show gratitude and make them feel the ease of contact.

The sample thank you email by wellington enterprise below shows just that.

Thank you Email Example

5. Thank you  email after you visit a store

Here's a brilliant way to increase your sales and product marketing, just send a thank you email right after a customer has visited your store and this will do wonders for your business.

Reminding them about your store, products and hospitality will only help you increase the remembrance of you and your brand.

Take feedback, give discounts, ask for a review, these simple tricks will help you get back your customers again and again to your store. 

Treat every customer in a different way and look for potential in the customer to be your loyal customers and benefit them with even more kindness and discounts. Who doesn't like discounts, this will surely make them visit your store for the second time.

A thank you email will help you bag more customers, below is an example thank you email to learn from.

Thank you Email Example

6. Thank you emails for special occasions

A thank you email template with cool background animations will help you show gratitude towards your customers or partners. It will make them feel their contributions for the whole one year are appreciated and known for, and strengthen the bond for next years to come.

7. Thank you for online purchase

Thanking your subscriber for purchasing an online service of ebook, podcast, learning aids etc. will assure your business means and make them count on you for every need they come across in future. It leaves a great first impression of your brand and is a conversation starter for the good.

Thank you Email Example

8. Thank you for joining the community

The thank you email here by alastin skincare is a great example of product marketing. As you see they have welcomed the customer onboard with their community and made them feel special about being a part of an A list club. It also covers promotions like you will be the first to get notifications of trends and offers of the beauty world, which is just enough to give an adrenaline rush to someone who loves fashion and beauty products. 

A joining to a community thank you email can make your customers feel special about themselves and give a small pride to be a part of a great community.

Thank you Email Example

9. Thank you email for referral

When you are satisfied with a product or service you definitely want to share that with your friends and a referral thank you email is a superb way to thank your customers for just that. Just as what Athleta has done in the below example, thanking their customers for their support and referral and giving them the rewards they deserve. 

This will definitely help showing gratitude and increase your brand's reach.

Thank you Email Example

10. Thank you Email for your payment 

Nothing is more miserable than not receiving a confirmation message after you have made a payment online, and the risk doubles if the payment is huge.

A thank you email for your payment will help make a trustworthy and strong bond between you and your customers. And will only help you elevate your brand value.

Thank you Email Example

11. Thank you email  for signing in.

Your thank you email following sign in will play a vital role in your personal brand. It communicates what matters most to you whether it's a personal message or information about a special offer or reward. It also appears on other websites where you engage with other brands and services you know and trust. This email leaves a lasting impression that benefits your reputation as a valuable customer.

Here's a thank you email template from for your reference.

Thank you Email Example

12. Thank you emails with giveaway

Giveaway thank you emails are a great way to attract customers, new or loyal, both will be attracted to giveaways. If the giveaways are personalized as per your customers needs and wants it can be a great weapon to increase your brands reach. As you will attract the customers which are already loyal to you plus the referrals they give to their family and friends.

You can also provide them with an ebook or subscription to your digital services or products, which is a great way of digital marketing.

Providing giveaways will make your customer feel appreciated and add value to your relationship with the customers.

Giveaways can also include discounts, gift coupons and vouchers which the customer can redeem when they visit your store next. This will help you showcase your hospitality and brand value even more.

Thank you Email Example

13. Thank you email for feedback

Customer feedback is an incredible way to judge how satisfied your  customers are with your products or services. It will help you improve your services for them and in general for the future.

Customer opinions will help you manipulate and optimize your business strategies and bring  your A game in the front.

So when a customer does that, be sure to say thank you with a simple thank you email and leave a great positive impression on them.

One such sample thank you email is given below.

Thank you Email Example

14. Thank you for attending event

If your business conducts a lot of webinars and events, a small thank you email to the attendees at the end of it, will surely make them more aware about your brand and what you do.

Some points that you can mention are

  • Showcase your top products
  • Tell customers how to use your product
  • Introduce new products on the horizon
  • Let customers know about upcoming events (shows, special promotions, etc.)
  • Invite customers to ask questions about your business on social media

Also Social media is the perfect tool for fostering engagement during and after your event.

Thank you Email Example

15. Thank you for booking / flying with us

Every airline company has their thank you email game on high priority whether you travel once in a decade or take a flight daily, they are sure to host you like a king and make you feel welcomed.

A thank you email after booking your tickets sends a sense of satisfaction and assurance that the company provides and upheals for.

Thank you Email Example

As you see above JetBlue has not only thanked customers for booking but also introduced them to the loyalty rewards program, which is again a great way to attract customers as it benefits your loyalty towards a brand or company.

16. Thank you email for completing a milestone 

You can always thank your loyal customers for just being there for you. Whether you have achieved a milestone or it is your anniversary or a holiday just make them a part of your happiness by sending a thank you email. 

Readdle email reflects alot of happiness without any marketing gimmicks, just a simple template for sharing happiness and supporting the community. This will definitely send a kind message of credibility and pride.

Thank you Email Example

17. Thank you email asking surveys.

Getting feedback from potential and current customers is one of the most important things you can do as a small business owner. The best way to accomplish that goal is by sending out surveys, but they need to be designed and formatted in a certain way to avoid people getting annoyed and not responding.

But you have to ask the right questions. For example, "would you buy this service for 10 dollars" is not a good question. If the customer says yes to that, then the business owner needs to explain why they are not selling it.

Surveys are the best way to learn what your customers think about your products and services. The trick with surveys is to ask the right questions and format them in a way that doesn’t make people feel like they’re wasting their time.

A great example is shown below by airbnb, a simple looking feedback bar ranging from 1 to 10. That's it! No more opening survey links and high drama. This is an accurate way to get your feedback business done.

Thank you Email Example

18. Thank you email for reviewing 

When a customer takes out his valuable time to give positive reviews to your brand or company, you should literally treat them like a king. Shower them with rewards and discounts and show how grateful you are towards them. This will help your business reach locals and across masses. 

Just how has done below in their thank you email sample.

Thank you Email Example

19. Thank you email with offers and discounts

Whether a new subscriber signs up for the first time or a customer has been loyal to your brand for several years, good discounts and genuine offers always uplift customers' mood. It shows your business is willing to grow and expand on larger scale.

Providing multiple CTAs in the thank you email can help you upgrade potential customers to a regular customer of your brand. 

Here is an example thank you email by michaels, have a look. 

Thank you Email Example

20. Thank you with personalized video message

Videos are by far the best way to interact with your audience. Some key points include:


  • 35% of marketers using interactive video have seen increased conversion, and 25% increased sales (Brightcove).
  • 34% of video consumers want to be able to jump to a different part of a video (Raptmedia).
  • Interactive Video provides 62% Interaction Rate for Quizzes and 13.45% Interaction Rate for Chapters (Hapyak)
  • Interaction Rate for total annotations makes up 35.53% (Hapyak)


The data speaks for itself. A good interactive video about your brand in a thank you email can do wonders to the reach of your business. So make sure to add a personalized video message the next time you send a thank you email.


Below is a sample thank you email by asos for your reference.

Thank you Email Example


Whether you are an established business or just getting started, sending a “Thank You” letter can distinguish you from your competition.

It can help in uprising

  • Overall brand value
  • Good customer experience
  • Number of great bonds and loyal customers
  • Revenue

Writing a good thank you letter is much easier than it sounds. It's taken a lot of time and studying to become a master of the art, but that’s what we're here for. Checkout MuxEmail and will be happy to share our big data with you.

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