25 Email Design Ideas for your Valentine’s Day Email Marketing

eCommerce sales bring in a revenue of more than $123 Billion. Valentine’s day is one of those holidays where online purchases are the highest. Here's an article on how to plan for your Valentine's day email marketing along with 25 amazing Valentine's Day Email Templates to take inspiration from.

Popular holidays are an amazing opportunity to put your email marketing strategies to use.  In fact, eCommerce sales bring in a revenue of more than $123 Billion. Valentine’s day is one of those holidays where online purchases are the highest.

So, to help your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign be a success, we have compiled 25 of the best Valentine’s Day email examples for you.

Table of Contents

  1. What does Valentine's Day mean for Business?
  2. Planning your Valentine's Day Email Campaign
    a. Subject Line
    b. Email Content
  3. 25 Valentine's Day Email Design Ideas in 2021 
  4. Conclusion

What does Valentine's Day mean for Business?

Valentine's day is not limited to celebrations in modern times as it has covered a vast field of different businesses. 

Valentine's day emails are the basic and fastest means to grow Business by contacting and offering services to the customers before the arrival of the special day. Valentine's day provides business opportunities to the people connected to trade and Business in different fields. 

More than 40% of people use smartphones to order online purchases of their Valentines' gift. So, having a responsive valentine’s day email is essential. 

Planning your Valentine's Day Email Campaign

Coming up with a Valentine's day email marketing strategy is the most important factor to tackle before the arrival of the special day. Your business depends on your level of connectivity with your previous customers as they might prove a golden coin to brighten your business on this special occasion.

There are some points that you should keep in mind to start your Valentines' day email campaign.

The first and important thing is preparing your mail list and scheduling it when you want to deliver it. The suitable time to deliver your Valentines' day email to the customers is before the arrival of the occasion to alert them to place an order from you.

Secondly, the content and Valentines' day emails designs should be created in a special way to grab your customers' attention. Valentine’s day email subject line is the major part to attract the customers with catchy Valentine’s day email ideas.

1. Subject Line

Valentine's day email subject line will determine the case that you put to your customer to buy the product. Although it is important to provide quality material, it is also essential to give a catchy subject line to attract buyers. Here are the few Valentine's day email subject lines that need to be followed for Valentines' day email campaigns.

  1. Love and savings together;
  2. Red and candy relationship
  3. Love blooms with flowers
  4. The February plans
  5. A scent of millions in few dollars.

Check out this article for Tips on Creating Attention Grabbing Subject Lines.

2. Email Content

Valentine’s day email campaigns mainly rely on the content of the email. Apart from attractive phrases and sentences, the Email should include easy to understand words. The length of the text needs to remain reasonable and extends from 50 to 150 words with a maximum of 20 lines. The attractive and catchy wording is full of love and romance is in need of the time that lovers expect in the Valentine’s day email campaign.

25 Valentine's Day Email Design Ideas in 2021

Valentine’s day celebrations are not restricted to lovers only; in fact, the business community prepares them for most. The trading agencies start their Valentine’s day email campaigns well before the arrival of the event. The business boosters use different strategies to rank their Valentines' Emails in the inboxes of the old customers to revive the relations. The sales competitors try their best to grab the attention of the buyers as this event is a source of great revenue for them.

Here are the top 25 Valentines' Email design Ideas that would not let your customers move ahead before taking notice of your Email.

1. Choose the Right Audience

It takes 3 to 5 seconds to grab the reader's attention who is looking for the best and relevant gift from the list of many brands. Your newsletter may be a useless and unattractive piece of writing and may get deleted, spammed, or abandoned due to non-relevancy.

The first thing you should keep in mind is making a list to send Valentine’s day emails to the relevant and expected target audience.

Email Template by Diamond Candles

2. Assure the Power of Content

Email Template by benefit

One thing that needs to be considered is the power of content included in your Valentine’s day email design. The content story will prepare the customer's mind to focus on the product you are offering. A magical description of few lines will open the reader's mind to enter the fancy world of your content and contact you to buy the product.

3. Offer for Free

Valentines Email Template

Online purchase is a vast field, and to convince the buyer is not that easy like formal shopping. You need to offer in different categories to force the buyer to purchase from you. Make sure that Valentine's Day gift is special for someone, and you need to provide it perfectly.

The Valentines Email Ideas should offer free services like gift wrapping, free shipping, and a free return of the gift in case of a low-quality product than expectations.

4. Special Day Discount Offers

Email Template by buyagift

It is a general trend in the business community to offer a relevant discount with year, month, or date. Valentine's day campaign is mostly connected with 14th February and offers up to 14% discount on different products. The discount offer is a very attractive method to grab the attention of the customers.

5. Showcase popular purchases

Email Template by Bose

The Valentine’s day email content needs attraction from the readers at first glance, making it a pretty one by adding some popular celebrities. When your email includes a popular celebrity with a catchy tag line like "love for all, love forever," rest assured your reader will not skip it in a fraction of a second.

6. It is All About Colors

Email Template by WOOPS!

Valentines' day is all about colors. Make sure that your Valentine's day email design includes a shocking red color that symbolizes love for Valentine. The contrasting background and catchy Valentines' day email subject line will force the reader to stay for a while after opening your Email.

7. Develop Strong Ties with Customers

Email Template by Charity

It is a very important part of the Valentines' Email campaign to realize to your customers that you value them. Assure the customers that you care for them and love to celebrate Valentine's Day with them yet, after years, maintain a strong relationship. Do not forget to add that your customer has been visiting you for many years and celebrating the event. Customers need care, so they will give importance to your Email as you have come to tie strong personal relations.

8. Add the Element of Love and Romance

Email Template by Decathlon

As the Valentines' Holiday is especially dedicated to assure love and romance for your soulmate. It is highly recommended to add lovely and romantic lines in your Valentines' Email ideas along with romantic setting and design. The technique works a lot as the event is mainly searching for assuring love and making romance. You can include a flirtatious line to your content to grab the attention of lovers at first sight.

9. Help Customers to Ease the Gift Search

Email Template by CARE

It is a fact that your customers will not remain bound to your Valentines' Email; they might visit 2-3 more Emails to choose the best one. In such situations, it becomes important to add something extraordinary to remain on top priority. You need to add a wish list from the customer's perspective to choose the most trending gift. Ensure that the image you are presenting to your customer in an email campaign is attractive enough to remain on the hit list.

10. Create Attention Seeker Valentine's Day Subject Lines

Email Template by EmailMonks

The special holiday newsletter needs to be focused specifically on a theme of love, value, and romance. Valentine’s Day Subject Line should be attractive enough that the reader feels to read it further. Addition of words to highlight uniqueness in the newsletter increase the value of your Email. Usage of words like "ideal," "perfect," "unique," "best," "surprise," and "gift" in your Valentines' Email Subject Line will promote your newsletter in the reading list. Use beautiful and love-related Emojis to highlight the importance of your newsletter. You can add Emojis of heart, flowers, etc., to fancy your content.

Valentines Email Subject Line needs an urgency tag to get an online order soon. The addition of words like "last," "left," "only," "ending soon," "expires," and "few" make a quick response in the customer's mind to select the item without delay.

11. Offer Dating Night Love

Valentines Email Template

The young couples are crazier at Valentine'' dating night and expect to facilitate from the business community. To make their loving night unforgettable, offer them something for free when they buy from you. You can offer a small perfume, a music playlist, or you can give them instructions to make the night memorable, so they remember you for the coming years.

12. Entertain Every Community Member

Email Template by TONY ROBBINS

Celebrations are not restricted to someone so keep it in mind. Consider everybody as your valued customer and send your Valentines' Email campaign newsletter to everyone. Do not restrict your campaign to couples or lovers; some people buy gifts for friends, family, parents, and children to be happy and spread happiness. Single people may prove you have more potential customers than a usual couple, so do not ignore their importance.

13. Use Catchy Images

Your email image is one of the most striking elements that will attract your buyer's attention. Valentine’s day email designs need a hot and gorgeous image that restricts the movement of your client. You can describe everything in your image so focus on a selection of the images.

Email Template by Oasis

14. Value Time

Email Template by Birchbox

It is pertinent to mention that you should not underestimate the value of time. First, you need to arrange your Valentines' Email design well before time to approach your customers. Once you have sent your mail, make sure that you will respond to their queries well in time to ensure your order placement. It is a highly recommended strategy to respond to the customer in time as it will help you boost your Business in 2021.

15. Make Product Links

Email Template by Smilebox

Once you have created strong relationships with your customers, you need to find more sales with the same buyer. When you become aware of your customers' interests, offer them associated products with offers as they might be interested in buying more from you. You can make the links between garments, perfumes, shoes, ornaments, cosmetics, and flowers to boost your sale.

16. Offer a Token of Love

Valentines Email Template

It is a very good technique to connect with your old customers and not let them away from you. In your Valentines' Email campaign, you include a special message for old customers to remain in a relationship with you for many years. Offer old customers a special discount or send them a small gift to stay in touch. Offer your old and new customers a referral discount, increase the discount offer for more referrals. You can also place a target gift for reaching ten referrals. Such offers motivate your customers to remain in touch with you, and they may prove a potential sales assistant for you.

17. On-time Delivery

Email Template by Vermont Teddy Bear

Once your customer places an order, you need to deliver the order in minimum duration for satisfaction. Some people are sensitive, and they try to inspect the gift before presenting it to loved ones. Be extra careful for the people who place the order early to receive the standard product. Confirm your customers' delivery via Valentines' Email campaign for a positive response.

18. Valentine Day Special Cards

Email Template by MAX&Co

Valentine's day cards are the easiest way to express your love on the occasion of Valentine's day. Prepare an attractive Valentine’s day email design that includes images of beautiful Valentine's day cards. The card images should include attractive Valentine’s day email ideas to celebrate the event. Valentine’s day cards need to design in attractive combinations to fascinate the lovers.

19. Offer In-Store Shopping for 24/7 On Last Night

Email Template by TONY ROBBINS

Some customers remain busy checking your Valentines' Email, so a special offer for them to shop from you till the last hour of the colorful holiday. This strategy will help you not miss a single customer from your proposed customers list. Tag an attractive gif to remember them you care for them till the end of a beautiful night.

20. Be a Ritual One to Spread Love

Email Template by Ritual

Although Valentine's Day is an international holiday to celebrate yet, you need to stick to the local rituals and customs. While compiling your Valentines' Email, make sure that you are contacting which customer; what is the customers' cultural background? What are popular rituals there? Consider the demands of love couples there. All people of the world do not love the same gift for the same event so make sure that you consider their choices.

21. Guide Customers to Choose the Best Gift

Valentines Email Template

Customer's guide is one of the important booklets that will explore the mind of your customers to choose the best one from you. Your Valentines Email campaigns need to include this buying guide to propose relationship duration and colorful images.

22. Place a Romantic Image on Top of Your Newsletter

Email Template by MeUndies

Valentine's day is all about romance and love, and the couples wait for the event the whole year. When you add a romantic image to your Valentine’s day email, be sure your customer is not going away from you. This type of image will grab the customers' attention, and they would love to proceed with you in the romantic world.

23. Prepare a Love Letter for More Attraction

Email Template by GasBuddy

After adding a romantic image, creating a romantic love letter to transfer your customer to the fancy world of love is an important part of your Valentines' Email campaign. The wording of the love letter should be an attention seeker, and the customer should not skip your letter without reading and enjoying it.

24. Add Special Note for 50+

Email Template by StyleSpace

Never underestimate the value of your elderly customers. The people above would become potential customers with more profit. In reality, older people do not celebrate Valentine's Day as young ones, but they may buy gifts for children and wives to promote love. Such people are also guaranteed your reliable services so add them to Valentine’s day email campaign.

25. Make an Additional list for Non-Celebrating People.

Although most people love to celebrate Valentine's Day, some people do not celebrate this event. Being a promotor of love for everyone, you should include those who do not celebrate a lovely event. This type of behavior will add a positive note to your credibility as spreading love to the whole world without discrimination. But be sure they love food and culture and might be your potential customers for the event.

Email Template by The Savory Vegan


Spreading love to every corner of the world is the duty of every person. Valentine's day provides a chance to motivate people for love once a year, so do not miss the opportunity.

We tried our best to provide you with the best ideas for Valentines’ Day to spread love and romance. You can create beautiful related ideas to grab people's attention by formulating attractive Valentines' Email designs.

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